Cash for your recommendation

When you recommend RAIDBOXES, don’t do it for free!

  • Attractive commissions

    We created one of the best paying affiliate programs in the hosting market. Get up to €250 per customer and up to €400 of set up bonuses for your affiliate efforts.

  • Faster payment for experienced affiliates

    As a CONTRIBUTOR level affiliate, we will pay you three times the first month’s payment of your referrals after they paid their hosting bill in full. As an experienced affiliate, you receive your commission within one month.

  • Increase your commission up to 70%

    The more leads you generate, the more we pay. When you crack 15 and 25 leads, we will not only pay you a set up bonus of €150 and €250, but also increase your commission to four times or five times of a leads revenue.

Level up

The more leads you generate, the more we’ll pay. Right up to 70% more commission.


Instant pay-out and set up bonuses

Additionally you will receive bonuses/bonus payments according to your affiliate level.


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