Customer Acquisition for Agencies and Freelancers: Customer Relationship Management

Through better customer relations or customer relationship management (CRM), you can not only increase your sales. Your team and your customers will be more satisfied in the long run. Our article shows you how good customer relations work. And how you can make your marketing even more efficient. This article is the fourth and last part of our series on customer acquisition. In order to ... read more

Customer Projects with WordPress: From Planning to Positioning

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Customer Acquisition for Agencies and Freelancers: Upselling, Cross-Selling & Measuring Success

With up-selling and cross-selling, you can increase your turnover, even when acquiring new customer projects. Combined with the right performance measurement, you will find out which campaigns are particularly worthwhile. We show you how both strategies work best. This article is the third part of our series on customer acquisition. To get to know the basics, with ... read more

Customer Acquisition for Agencies and Freelancers: Remarketing & Affiliate Marketing

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Customer Acquisition for Agencies and Freelancers: Target Groups & Inbound Lead Generation

In order for your WordPress agency or your work as a freelancer:in to last, you need to constantly expand your client base. This is more true today than ever before. Because without customer acquisition, it's not the best offer that wins in the end, but the one with the lowest price. We show you how to acquire, convert and retain new customers. It is all about ... read more

Conflict Management: How to Avoid Conflicts Through Proper Feedback

Conflict management and feedback help you to avoid conflicts in your professional life. If you take a clear stand, false expectations don't stand a chance. Instead, your business partners, customers and suppliers can rely on you. If conflicts do arise, it is important to resolve them as quickly as possible - in case of doubt, with the help of mediation. ... read more

Seven Tips for Starting as a Freelancer on Fiverr

Earn money on the Internet: That sounds like a dream. The freelancer platform Fiverr can help you do just that - but the competition is fierce! In this article, you will learn 7 tips from a successful Fiverr freelancer that you can use to assert yourself and become successful on the platform. Earning money on the internet is ... read more

Local SEO for WordPress Agencies

Proximity to the web design agency in charge is still an argument that trumps all others in medium-sized businesses. How to use Google to attract customers from your area to your web design agency. In a field where many of your competitors know the importance of high local search engine visibility, good SEO advice is expensive. The possibilities for ... read more

Agency Software: The 19 Most Important Tools

Managing internal tasks, looking after clients' social media accounts, remote organization or recording staff time: Agencies have a wide range of tasks and obligations. There are valuable tools to help you with all these tasks. An overview of agency software. We would therefore like to present the most important tools for agencies in this article. Because for a long time now, the aforementioned tasks have not ... read more