Agile Change Management: The Concept of Operational Learning & Experimentation Spaces

Regardless of whether it is a small advertising and digital agency or the advertising department of a large corporation - everywhere it is necessary to develop sustainable concepts with which the opportunities of the digital transformation can be optimally utilised. This article focuses on the model of corporate learning and experimentation spaces and how they can help prepare companies for the digital transformation. The challenge of digitalisation - with ... read more

How Agile Transformation Makes your Agency Flexible and Fit for the Future

Agile advertising and digital agencies can adapt quickly and flexibly to new things. Proactivity is also a keyword that often comes up in the definition of agility. Nevertheless, every change process towards an agile organization raises important questions. Oliver Wüntsch explains what these are and what is necessary for a successful agile transformation in the ... read more

How to Improve Your User Onboarding Process

How do users experience your Software as a Service (SaaS) product for the first time? The answer to this question decides how much of a bond they build with your brand and how often they interact with your product in the future. User onboarding determines whether interested parties become real fans and your tool becomes their new everyday tool. ... read more

Organic Marketing for Agencies: How to Win New Customers Honestly & Authentically

In this article I would like to give you a bird's eye view of the strategy to gain clients for your service without an advertising budget or telephone canvassing. You will understand the principles and what to do if it doesn't work immediately as you think it will. Organic customer acquisition (and I don't mean SEO) is stillimportant in 2021.

Retros for agencies and companies: More efficiency & satisfaction

What is going well in the team and in the project? And what is not? What measures can be derived from this? Retrospectives are a perfect way to bring motivation and momentum into your company or agency. We show you how to set up a retrospective and what the dos and don'ts are. A retrospective (in short: retro) is a ... read more

The new Raidboxes Partner Program for WordPress agencies

Raidboxes helps you as an agency or freelancer to expand your network and increase your reach: With our new Partner Programfor agencies. Find out more about the background - and why a partnership is worthwhile for you. Do you run websites yourself? Then we'll show you what added value the Raidboxes partner network offers for your WordPress projects. The ... readmore

The Perfect Agenda for your Next Online Workshop

You want to design online workshops that are not only informative, but also creative and engaging? Do you want your remote meeting to be fun and add value at the same time? Here you will learn how to conduct meetings in small groups as well as events with large groups in such a way that all participants are enthusiastic. Nothing is worse than a badly planned meeting.

go-digital: Funding for WordPress projects

A website with WordPress or WooCommerce can be funded with up to 16,500 euros - as part of the go-digital programme. Which projects receive funding? And what are the requirements? 10 questions for Nils Hocke from our agency partner AgenturWebfox. Nils, who receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)? And what exactly is ... read more

Virtual Companies: How Your Team Can Successfully do Without an Office

Some have been preaching for many years that remote work is not just a stopgap solution for exceptional cases. Take Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. Doing without offices altogether can be an opportunity to work productively and successfully. What's behind buzzwords like "virtual companies" or "distributed companies"? And what do you need to keep in mind? The year ... read more