Instructions: Switch WordPress Multilingual to WPML Multidomain

You need WordPress multilingual? There are different variants of implementation. In the form of a path within the URL (, as a subdomain ( or as a multidomain. Each language receives its own domain. From an SEO perspective, this is the best option for multilingualism with WordPress and WooCommerce. Our choice at FirmCatalyst fell on multidomains for precisely this reason. This is ... read more

Why the New York Times Has a PageSpeed Insights Score of Only 52

Some of the biggest and most successful WordPress sitesworldwide, such as the Wall Street Journal or People Magazine, perform enormously badly in Google's PageSpeed Insights . And this despite the fact that their business model depends on good performance. This is despite the fact that their business model depends on good performance. Using the New York Times as an example, I explain to you why you can neglect the PageSpeed optimization score and what concrete advantage your ... read more

WordPress 5.0 vs. 4.9 - The Performance Test

The update to WordPress 5.0 is just around the corner. However, the exact release date depends on when the new WordPress editor, alias "Gutenberg", is ready for the WP core. Many WP users are worried about problems with plugins, themes and the performance of their siteafter the update. For this reason, we have taken a look at the ... read more

Why Google's Compression Algorithm "Brotli" is a Real Gzip Alternative

Who wants to bake smaller rolls? - All WordPress professionals who want to deliver their website as quickly as possible. For some time now, a technology called Brotli has been very popular. In this article we explain how it makes your website faster and what it has to do with Switzerland. Currently, there are various compression methods. ... read more

Cloud & Heat: World Record in Energy Efficiency! A New Energy Revolution?

The climate targets are high, as is the growth in data centres. The world must become climate-neutral in a good 30 years. The company Cloud & Heat shows how both can work together. This week we had the privilege of attending the inauguration ceremony of a new Cloud & Heat data centre in Frankfurt. The concept is absolutely ... read more

WordPress and HTTPS: A Simple Certificate Makes Your Sites Faster With One Click

There is a persistent misconception that HTTPS makes WordPress slow. In fact, the opposite is true: thanks to HTTP/2, SSL-encrypted pages are sometimes extremely accelerated. And thanks to free SSL certificates and integrated installations, it has never been easier to switch WordPress to HTTPS. And that's a good thing, because HTTP pages will soon have some disadvantages ... read more

Testing Google Test My Site: What Is This Performance Tool Really Good For?

With PageSpeed Insights and Webpagetest, Google has been providing webmasters with two powerful tools to improve the performance of their websites for quite some time. At the end of 2016, a third tool, Test My Site, was added. Now Google is giving it an update - time to take a closer look. With PageSpeed Insights you can ... read more

The Heart of Every Good Performance Analysis

For a successful online business or blog, it is essential that you know how fast your website loads and how you can optimize WordPress to that end. However, good analytics tools provide tons of data. Especially the waterfall charts are not easy to read. Today, I'm going to show you three simple tricks that can help you learn more with just one ... read more

Shut up Google PageSpeed! Fix the Most Important Error Messages

Google PageSpeed Insights is an excellent tool to quickly get an overview of the optimization potential of your sitewebsite. Today I'll show you how to use this potential and increase your PageSpeed score. However, you should not slavishly follow the Google results. Because the PageSpeed error messages are not always useful. Our colleague Caspar Hübinger has ... read more