Google PageSpeed Insights: The perfect page speed test?

The web server is purring along, the hosting fits perfectly and yet WordPress is lame? Time for an onpage analysis. Today I present two tools that reliably identify bottlenecks in your WordPresssiteand tell you where there is potential for optimization and where you can start to speed up your siteagain. Conclusion: Google PageSpeed Insights is not the last word. ... read more

Five months of Let's Encrypt: Here's where the Certification Authority from California stands today

The free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt have triggered an important development on the German hosting market: The protection of personal data on one's own website is now almost everywhere free of charge. But how has the initiative, which as a Certification Authority issues free SSL certificates for everyone, fared so far? A detailed look at the development. An SSL certificate brings at the latest ... read more

PHP 7 ignites the turbo for your WordPress sites

The full version of PHP 7 has been available since December 2015. The PHP version, which is no longer so new, will soon also become a prerequisite for WordPress WordPress projects and is already officially recommended today. Above all, PHP 7 makes your WordPress sites more powerful. We explain the advantages of the new PHP 7 and what you need to bear in mind when ... read more

How the Google PageSpeed Module ate our performance

In addition to the PageSpeed Insights test, Google also offers the so-called Google PageSpeed Module. This is a setup that automatically optimises websites according to Google's specifications. In our test, however, the module had exactly the opposite effect: it mercilessly ate up the performance of our pages. A field report. Most website operators are familiar with the Google PageSpeed Insights test. It ... read more

Our best - Plugin tips for managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting takes a lot of work off your hands. This also means that you no longer necessarily need a whole range of plugins. Michelle from HootProof explains which plugins you no longer necessarily need with special hosts. If you use professional WordPress hosting - like that of Raidboxes - it is worth taking a look at the ... read more

SSL and TLS make WordPress up to four times faster

There is a persistent belief that SSL or the successor protocol TLS make WordPress slow. The opposite is true - at least if you use the right technology. More and more clients and users know the difference between an encrypted and unencrypted site. An SSL certificate creates trust - the green lock in the address line simply gives a good ... read more

The 5 biggest killers for your WordPress speed

We explain why your WordPress site is too slow despite fast hardware and special hosting and present the 5 most common causes for low WordPress speed. We experience it almost daily: a customer writes to us in the support chat because his site just doesn't want to get faster. Despite server optimization, appropriate plugins and sufficient ... read more

The 5 most WordPress important requirements for servers

More server power costs - but is a good investment. We show what needs to be considered in order to create optimal WordPress conditions. There are numerous instructions on how to optimise WordPress. However, the question of the best hardware requirements quickly reaches its limits. Because it depends on what purpose your site is supposed to fulfil: Some ... read more

WordPress slow? Why one second of loading time can cost 1.6 billion dollars

Fast loading times are important for every online business. If WordPress is slow, it costs conversions and ultimately money. We explain what effects poor performance can have and what it has to do with SEO. The big online retailers recognised it early on: The loading time of their shops has a direct influence on sales. Amazon calculated in 2012 that ... read more