Recruiting Websites: The Right Structure for More Applications

The recruiting world has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, it was enough to publish job advertisements in the local newspaper, but today you have to take a much more differentiated approach in order to attract qualified employees. But what do good recruiting websites look like? We now live in an employee market. This means that good employees can nowadays find themselves almost ... read more

Livestream Marketing: Who it's for and how to implement it

With livestreams, you can show yourself from your human side site and get into conversation with your customers. If you want to do it really well, however, you should not underestimate the effort involved. In this article, I show you how to use livestream marketing and how to get started. The technical hurdles for livestreaming are ... read more

Donating is not enough: How to develop a giving back strategy

It is common for many companies to donate a portion of their profits to an organization. Especially to maximise their tax deductions and support their marketing. Donating is important and helps non-profit organizations. But the reason these companies donate is mainly because they are dedicated to increasing their revenue - not ... read more

SEO success with keyword research: step-by-step instructions

What is the most common mistake that self-employed people and businesses make in online marketing? They don't do any keyword research. This leads to content that no one is looking for - this way you don't achieve results on Google & Co. This step-by-step guide will help you to carry out a keyword analysis to get ahead of your competitors. The good news: ... read more

Ethical marketing research: How to ethically collect market research

Businesses today have access to pretty much any data they need. With customer insight tools and systems, the potential to improve your business through market research is limitless. Your success depends on gathering and using this information ethically. In this post, I introduce you to effective strategies for ... read more

Brand voice - individual voice for your marketing

A "brand voice" helps you to find an individual voice for your content. This is relevant for both agencies and freelancers to stand out from the crowd. I'll explain how to develop a brand voice - including examples, guidelines and templates. What is a brand voice? A brand voice determines ... read more

Employer Branding and Social Recruiting from LinkedIn to TikTok

Post job ads and wait for suitable applications? Those days are over in many industries. Companies should know their values and use them to build their employer brand. With relevant content on the appropriate social media channels, they create touchpoints on the candidate journey. Social CEOs and committed corporate influencers strengthen the employer brand. Those who want to change their career, ... read more

8 Steps to your SEO Audit: Better Rankings for Your Website

Hundreds of ranking factors determine the success of your website in the search results of Google & Co. An SEO audit helps you to identify the weaknesses of your website in order to initiate targeted countermeasures. We explain step by step how the SEO audit works and which tools you need. What is an SEO audit? An SEO audit is ... read more

Social Selling Explained - How to Win Customers via Social Media

The social web can be a good way to draw attention to yourself and attract new customers. There are a few points to consider so that you don't come across as pushy in social selling, but as trustworthy and helpful. In this article, I explain the basics and the most important steps. As a freelancer or agency, you need ... read more