Accessibility: Tips to Check your Website's Accessibility

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The Best Web Design Trends 2022

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What is the DNS? Short Guide to the Domain Name System and Possible Errors

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Gutenberg & Page Builder - What's in store for WordPress agencies?

Gutenberg is currently developing rapidly in the direction of full site editing. What does this development mean for the future of page builders? What should WordPress agencies and freelancers be prepared for? Which tools will support you? A guest post from GREYD. When WordPress introduced the Gutenberg editor in 2018, the project was (rightly) ridiculed for its lack of options. "At some point, ... read more

Will Web Designers Still be Needed in the Future?

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Gamification in web design: success and motivation thanks to the fun factor

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CSS Grid – The Great Big Guide to Learning CSS Grid Layouts

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Mobile UX Design: Tips to Optimize your Site for Mobile Users

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Progressive Web Apps with WordPress: Benefits and Limits

Our agency partner giftGRÜN used WordPress to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, which supports the onboarding of new employees. We spoke with Patrick Heinker about the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs versus websites and native apps. How a Progressive Web App works Patrick, how exactly does a PWA work and what does it look like?