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New E-book: Content Marketing for Agencies and Freelancers

With the right content, your online marketing will be much more successful. But how do you find content ideas that really appeal to your target groups? Which topics are worthwhile? And how do you measure success? That's exactly what you'll find out in our new ebook on content marketing, written by Jan Tissler.

It doesn't matter which channels you publish content on for your company, agency or as a freelancer, good content attracts more customers, increases your reach and pays off in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). But a few questions naturally arise at this point:

  • How exactly does "good" content look like?
  • What's the best way to market your content?
  • How does content marketing work and how can you implement it as easily as possible?

That's exactly what our ebook is about. You can download it here. The experienced content expert Jan Tissler guides you step by step through the world of goal-oriented content.

Content Marketing ebook
A preview from "Content Marketing for Agencies & Freelancers".

In the end, your website, your blog or your social media presence will be more successful. We will teach you this knowledge in the ebook:

How does content marketing work?

For content marketing to work, you need the right basic attitude. And of course this is only true if you know what content marketing is intended and suitable for. Only then can you

  • Attract the right target group to your site
  • Achieve a positive change in the attitude of these people towards your company
  • Build your expertise to increase your sales in the end

From the customer journey to the right target group approach, the ebook teaches you which mechanisms are effective in good content marketing and how you can implement them for your area and your industry.

Last but not least, it is important to know and keep an eye on the search intentions of your target group. Also, research what your competitors are doing:

  • What does their content already cover?
  • How well are they made? What is missing?
  • How can you outperform these posts, videos or graphics so that your content stands out?

Because only then do you have a chance of being noticed at all. We'll also show you how you can keep your readers for the long term instead of "just" winning them over. Because that's exactly what there are concrete methods for, which Jan explains with examples.

The content strategy

When you present yourself on the web, you inevitably produce content - as a freelancer, company or agency. This content decides whether interested parties become customers and whether you can keep them in the long term. However, content often comes from the gut. In the ebook, we explain how you can build a content strategy to achieve more than just random hits.

A well thought-out and formulated content strategy serves as your basis for making big and small decisions around content. After all, you are probably asking yourself questions like:

  • Do I need a blog or a magazine? And if so, what do I write about there?
  • How should I write? Do I want to come across as casual and easy going or serious and earnest?
  • What do my (future) customers expect? How do I gain their trust? How do I stand out positively from my competitors?
  • Which social networks are important? Should I post stories? How do I win customers?
  • How important is a newsletter? How often should it be issued? What should it be about?

With the help of a content strategy, you can answer these and other questions. Another important advantage is that it is also the basis for measuring your success. It can help you find the right metrics and make the right decisions for you, your company or your agency.

As part of your content strategy, you should also do a content audit - an inventory of your content. In order to be able to assess which content needs to be adapted and which is still missing. We also explain the content audit for you.

Develop and test content ideas

If you are planning an elaborate content, you naturally want to know beforehand how good your idea actually is. And whether it's worth the effort. The good thing about it is that you refine your content ideas at the same time and - depending on the channel - already win the first potential readers or viewers.

Through this preliminary research, you will also find out which questions, which perspectives and which content formats are most suitable. You optimize your content idea before you have even started with the actual work. Comprehensive keyword research is just as important. This will help you find out two things:

  • How much in demand is my topic?
  • What exactly are people searching for on Google and others?

Then it's time to analyse the competition and adapt your content or create new content. All according to the optimization measures that you found out step by step in the planning phase.

Performance measurement and content distribution

A major problem in measuring the success of your online marketing: typical and easily available metrics such as page views usually have little significance. After all, what does it help you to know that your new blog post has been viewed 10,000 times? What value does it have for you that 5,000 people have subscribed to your newsletter? And are 200 new fans on Facebook enough or not?

First of all, your goals must be defined. Which indicators are the "right" ones for you depends on this objective. For example, your declared goal is not "more turnover". Instead, your goal specifies exactly how much more turnover you want to achieve by when and through which channels. The measures that derive from this can be found in detail in our content marketing ebook.

Content distribution is just as important. Planning, implementing and publishing content is only half the battle. Right after that, it's about distributing this content so that it gets more attention. After all, what good is your great blog post, your great infographic, your ebook, your helpful YouTube video or your audio contribution if in the end hardly anyone comes across it?

Content distribution is an often underestimated topic - and much more complex than it looks at the beginning. This is certainly true if you want to get the most out of your content. We will tell you the most important basics. At the same time, we show you how you can optimize the shareability of your content or use multipliers to sustainably increase your coverage.

Series of articles or ebook

You can download the collected knowledge from our ebook here. Alternatively, the content is also available as individual blog posts:

Our 50+ page ebook tells you which content will really resonate with your target groups. And how you can expand your strategy. Jan and we wish you every success in implementing the measures, as well as in designing your content!

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