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That was 2016 - Raidboxes - Managed WordPress Hosting in figures

2016 is almost over and a lot has happened. Although we don't really have time for a break - after all, we already have a lot of plans for 2017 - there is always time for a review. And we reveal which features are coming in 2017.

For a year now, we have been able to host thousands of WordPress projects. This has given us some important impressions about our customers and also revealed some interesting key figures.

It's 2016:

  • 24,348 support requests answered via our chat
  • 91.5 per cent of support requests answered in less than five minutes
  • increased our turnover sixfold
  • 2,710 users supervised at Raidboxes

Our most popular planwas the STARTER plan, with 67 per cent of all pages. 27 per cent of Raidboxes sites run on the smaller MINI planand six per cent of our customers have opted for the all-inclusive package .

This is what happened in 2016

Besides many small features, two big ones are very important for us: the free SSL, which we were able to implement thanks to Let's Encrypt certificates, and staging, which is currently still in beta.

Managed WordPress Hosting in numbers: Our first big feature in 2016 was free SSL.
Our first big feature of 2016: Free SSL.

Thanks to the Americans, HTTPS has become a free standard. And the initiative from California has put German host under pressure, so that today you can already get free SSL from any web hoster.

WordPress Hosting Staging
The second big feature is particularly important for the managed aspect of our hosting: staging makes it easy to work with a development environment without affecting the live site.

Staging is a particularly practical tool with which you can optimise your WordPress projects in a development environment and then push them to the live site. The two beta phases went very well, now we are looking forward to the official launch of the full version.

At least as exciting as our feature development is our international expansion, which we have started with our Dutch and Spanish websites.

And we were able to significantly expand our team: in 2017, we will be taking off in a new office and with a team of nine people.

What's coming in 2017

We continue to develop our hosting along the lines of our customers' wishes. This means we operate our product in the style of the Lean Startup method. Our customers can leave ideas in our feedback forum and prioritise them. The most important wishes are then incorporated into the product development.

In concrete terms, this means that the following features are planned for 2017:

  • Scalable web space
  • Domains
  • Special e-commerceplans

2017 will be exciting and we are already looking forward to it.

In this spirit, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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