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Corona (COVID-19): No Restrictions for Raidboxes

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has an impact on business life in many areas. Your websites with us are not affected. Our support is also working at full strength. Raidboxes is well prepared for such crises - even away from Corona & Co.

Raidboxes has been allowing its employees to work partially or even completely from home for some time. While some companies are now frantically preparing the necessary infrastructure and working models for the home office, hardly anything is changing for us. See our tips on remote working for employees and companies.

Distributed working and virtual meetings have long been standard practice for us. That's exactly why you're on the safe side site: Our support heroes are there for you as usual- thanks to the home office.

Our office is much emptier than usual - we take the health of our staff and their families very seriously. That's why everyone can work from home at the moment. The advantage of our industry is that many tasks can be done remotely.

RB Team
The Raidboxes team: Gladly united, but also there for you in the home office.

We support freelancers and agencies

And yet we are one of the few web hosters who are so consistently committed to the home office. Many companies still view remote work critically. Not so our management. This leap of faith is now paying off.

We are aware that not all companies, agencies and freelancers can work so smoothly in these difficult times. Many are suffering financial losses because of Corona. We want to support you: You use our FREE DEV programme to host your projects for free during the development phase? Then we will extend this phase if necessary - uncomplicated and unbureaucratic. Simply contact our support team and we will find a solution together.

A chance for the home office?

Big names such as IBM already relied on home-based work decades ago. But then the development stagnated significantly - employees were ordered back again. The effects of COVID-19 are now ensuring that the discussion about remote working models is gaining significant momentum. In addition to "Corona," there are far more reasons why some employees and companies choose the home office as a place to work:

  • The team cannot find suitable qualified candidates nearby.
  • You want to work from home out of choice. Perhaps you can concentrate better from home, for example, or you're more flexible in terms of time.
  • Working from home is the only way to balance your personal, family, and work life. For example, if you have small children or a lengthy commute.
  • The company doesn't have a large enough office, it's completely remote, or operates from abroad.

Of course, not every workplace is suitable for the remote model. But especially in areas such as (online) marketing, software development, support or sales, most jobs can be done well from home - provided that everyone involved is a little creative. You can also find out more about this in our guide to remote work.

Cohesion is important

Corona is also shaking up the WordPress scene. Not least because of the cancellation of numerous WordCamps. A few days ago, the planned WordCamp Europe in Porto was hit. This is painful for all those who are anchored in the community - as well as our staff. Because physical exchange is an integral part of open source and WordPress.

But such meetings can be made up for. More importantly, we wish you and your loved ones the necessary peace, strength and health in the coming weeks.

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