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Annie - New to the Marketing Team at Raidboxes

Our magazine wp unboxed, e-books, the WordPress newsletter, social media channels... As the number of customers grows, so do the demands on our marketing. Now we have energetic design and content support with Annie. Welcome to the best WordPress hosting team!

So far, Torben, Leefke and Michael are taking care of all content, graphics, ads, SEO, videos and the design of Raidboxes and wp unboxed. Especially the multilingualism of our magazine but also the content marketing take a lot of time. That's why we are very happy about the reinforcement of Annie. You can find out more about working at Raidboxes in our interview with her.

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Content marketing at Raidboxes

Annie, what are your tasks in the team at Raidboxes?

Together with Leefke and Michael I take care of the content marketing. Our heart is the magazine wp unboxed. As editors, we not only write our own articles, but also work closely with guest authors - including web designers, agencies and experts from a wide range of disciplines.

We share the latest content around WordPress & Co. in our bi-weekly newsletter and on our social media channels - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I have also been supporting our team in these areas since November. This is incredibly fun. The exchange with the WP community and our readership is pretty exciting on the side. 

In the beginning I was a working student, but since a month I'm working full time. Since then, I've been devoting more and more time to our visual content: For example, I draw illustrations for our blog posts and assist Torben with the layout and design of print and online media.

Facebook Ads
One of Annie's illustrations

In the future, I will also be more involved in the area of design. Here I am particularly interested in optimising the usability and the user experience of the Raidboxes Dashboard.

Layout and design

How did you come to specialize in design in college?

I completed my bachelor's degree in design at the FH Bielefeld. You choose the focus, in my case photography and visual media, when you apply. Especially in the creative field, it's not the numerus clausus but your own motivation that decides on your place at university. This means that you have to pass the so-called artistic-creative aptitude test. In Bielefeld, your (portfolio) portfolio and (design) homework must first be accepted - only then are you allowed to take the practical exam the next day.

The whole application process was not only a lot of stress and pressure on site, but also an immense time commitment in advance. At the time, I created my portfolio in parallel with my internship at Studio Toelle - that was draining, but I was one hundred percent sure that I wanted the place. And that's why I went through with it. 

The studies were then super rich, individual and free due to the many interdisciplinary modules. Beyond one's own field of study, there is a broad spectrum of creative disciplines: In addition to moving image, documentary photography, media technology, picture editing & Co. I also took some seminars in communication design, digital media and fashion.

I always found this context, the close mentoring by professors and the interdisciplinary collaborations very inspiring and lively. My final project last year, for example, was created in collaboration with graphic designer and book designer Carolin Hartmann.

Work at Raidboxes

What is your first impression of Raidboxes?

It's crazy how creative, motivated and open our team is: I notice every day how much we push each other and give our best every day. I like that we prefer to say "and" instead of "but" or "no." And I like how many interesting people from a wide range of disciplines come together here.

RB Team
Find Annie: The team from Raidboxes

What are you most looking forward to? Also at WordPress Community?

I've heard a lot about the WordPress community. Still, I'm very excited to see what's in store for me at WordCamps, Meetups, and similar events. I'm really looking forward to meeting so many new, exciting faces. Especially because I'm rather a newbie in the WordPress -environment and still want to learn a lot. With curiosity and empathy, I think I can fit in well with the WordPress community. 

The first WordCamp I'm taking is WordCamp Europe 2020 - this year, unfortunately, only online. I'm really looking forward to the talks, the exchange and extremely much input. Even though I would have preferred to experience all this face to face in Porto.

Why Raidboxes?

You had several options to get started right after graduation - why did you choose Raidboxes?

Many start-ups advertise fantastic benefits for their employees. In fact, I don't know of any company that offers such a wide range of benefits as Raidboxes: flexible working hours, exceptional team events, an incredible training programme and much more.

But that's not what motivated me to apply - it was the company model that excited me the most. Holacracy All employees work exactly in the field where their own passion and individual competence lies. Each individual makes a huge difference and contributes his or her knowledge and opinion directly. If someone has a new idea in mind, they present it to everyone for discussion.

For me, holacracyis a great new challenge because I am a very passionate but introverted person. Having so much responsibility and decision-making power in the work environment is new for me. Raidboxes is definitely a unique company. I am very grateful to be a part of it.

What do you do when you're not writing or designing for Raidboxes?

I prefer to be out in nature and in the fresh air, whether cycling or running doesn't matter at all. For example, I'm trying my hand at rollerblading right now - it's slowly getting better, even if I'm admittedly a bit clumsy. And a few times I've already stood on a friend's e-longboard.

Before Corona times I maxed out my Urban Sports Club membership and tried my luck at CrossFit, Ninja Sports and Pilates. I love to try something new more often - even when cooking, I usually only make each recipe once.

Other than that, I volunteer as part of the marketing team at TechLabs - a non-profit organization for digital education, specifically tech skills. I recently completed the User Experience Design learning path myself as a participant in our program. I enjoyed the whole thing so much that I will soon join the Web Development track in the backend.

Part of the TechLabs team

When the opportunity arises, I am very happy to travel. Back then, my parents extended a Magirus Deutz - my sister and I sort of grew up with it. In the summer we were always on the road for weeks on the rough coasts of France. On later trips, I was particularly impressed by the countries of Moldova and Slovenia. I find it super exciting to immerse myself in other cultures and discover unknown landscapes.

Working at Raidboxes: Your questions

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