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With more employees, the tasks of our administration and bookkeeping also grow. This is exactly where Birgit supports our team. Learn more about her role and about working at RAIDBOXES .

RAIDBOXES continues to grow - be part of it

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Birgit, what exactly are your duties?

Among other things, I am gradually taking over administrative tasks that were previously the responsibility of my colleagues. For example, the annual financial statements or accounting. At the same time, I take care of issues such as process optimization or personnel administration - in cooperation with the HR team (Human Resources or Personnel Administration).

This combination is exactly my thing. My vocation is accounting, clean financial statements are my goal. And if the employees are happy, I am happy too.

How was the induction training for you? The information there is very comprehensive...

The training was great! Johannes accompanied me super and showed me a lot - with an admirable calmness. Of course a lot of things came rushing towards me. Above all, I found it exciting to see what is technically possible today. For example, onboarding (the training) via video and chat with the employees in the home office or the documentation of any procedures.

In many conversations I got background information from Johannes and Ariane. That was very helpful to see and understand RAIDBOXES as a whole.

Where and what did you RAIDBOXES work at before you joined?

With over 30 years in my profession, that's a long list... I have never done anything other than bookkeeping - which I find incredibly exciting - in my career. In addition, I have always worked in the free economy, in small and medium-sized companies.

There I was the accountant responsible for everything, including controlling, personnel, wages etc. I worked in South Africa and after my return to the Düsseldorf area I changed to companies with international orientation because of the English language.

What made you RAIDBOXES choose now?

What "grabbed" me in the job ad was definitely the motto of RAIDBOXES "Be free and wild and creative! That's what made the ad so interesting. And then I looked at the website. Everything was right there:

And so I applied. In the end, the fact that I had the opportunity to do so also played a big role, from the home office to be able to work.

What is your first impression of RAIDBOXES and the team?

The team is young, dynamic, thoughtful, unconventional and nice. I definitely have the impression that here really crazy competent young people work together with a very good management very effectively.

Many words from IT are still "bohemian villages" for me - but I am also an accountant. But my ambition is awakened and everything is explained to me super well, especially the different contexts. I was received very openly and warmly. So I can understand why people like working at beiRAIDBOXES . The team fits, the office is modern, the business philosophy is implemented on all sides... Great!

Team Events
Part of the team at wakeboarding

You bring a lot of professional experience with you. What is it like for you to work in a young team?

Absolutely exciting! I find new impulses and impressions great and I am very open to them. The advantages are clear - I have never worked in such a structured and yet thinking company before. For example, the fact that everything is documented, and also with regard to the events and the benefits for employees. The course of the meetings is also well thought out. High praise at this point. The challenge and also the advantage is that my IT knowledge gets a good push.

You work part time in the home office. How do you stay focused there?

I will have my normal daily routine. Since the office is not in my apartment and I have to walk 250 meters to my house, I will not be distracted. In general, I can focus and concentrate anywhere.

I like to work in a team, but I also love to work alone in the "Kämmerchen". I had to be and still have to be organized and structured in my job, even a home office won't change that. And at least twice a week I am in Münster, which I am looking forward to.

What do you like to do when you're not working forRAIDBOXES ?

Not for RAIDBOXES working is relative - my head is full of ideas... But otherwise I "work" voluntarily for a debtor family support association. Or I visit grannies in an old people's home, with my "visiting dog" Enzo - a Landseer male. At present unfortunately interrupted by Corona. I have been training Enzo for two years as a water rescue dog. Besides that there are the horses and I drive a carriage.

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