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The team of RAIDBOXES lives WordPress 100 percent. Our Dashboard is to remain the number 1 in the future - to this end, we are strengthening our product development and project management. Find out more about Jacob's work in our interview.

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Jacob, what exactly are your responsibilities as Product Owner?

My first task will be to RAIDBOXES get an overview of all projects and open topics. In order to prioritize these together with the various stakeholders - i.e. the project managers.

The goal behind this is to reduce the number of topics covered simultaneously to provide more focus when planning new features and projects. This also includes the introduction of the project management method Scrum at RAIDBOXES .

In the future, I will act as an interface between technology and the other departments - such as sales, marketing or support. In this way, an orderly communication of requirements can be implemented.

What advantages do you hope to gain from Scrum?

The introduction of Scrum means, among other things, better project planning, a coordinated roadmap and ultimately an optimization of the cooperation between technology and stakeholders. These points in turn enable transparent internal communication about the status and progress of the various development projects.

In your interface function: Do you already have ideas for better gearing?

Actually, I even reduce the interlocking between technology and other departments in order to enable a more focused work of technology. In the future, all requirements will go through me - and according to their priority and effort, they will only then be passed on to technology for implementation.

This prevents developers from receiving far too many requirements from different departments and thus losing the overview.

You have also implemented your own WordPress projects. How did you get the ideas?

After a few years as an employee and a 6-month trip around the world, I tried my hand at self-employment and thus created a small Destination search engine with WordPress implemented. The idea came to me during the planning of the world trip.

Another project was the development of a game similar to a so-called crime thriller dinner. Only with the focus on socially relevant topics. The goal behind it was to spread as much joy as possible. Hence the name "The Happy Dinner".

How exactly does this knowledge help you in your present task?

RAIDBOXES is the host one of my first website , which of course gives me an advantage in my upcoming challenges. I also got some insights into the world of WordPress during the development, which are also useful for me.

You worked in big companies before. Why now RAIDBOXES?

I wanted to work in a company that could provide both my Values in relation to sustainability shares. And that at the same time gives me the opportunity To take responsibility. In which I can therefore achieve the greatest possible impact. Among other things through the direct contact as a customer, it was therefore clear to me that RAIDBOXES exactly these possibilities are offered.

What is your first impression of the team, behind the scenes?

Everyone in the team is super friendly and helpful with all questions that arise, especially when starting in a company. Therefore: My impression is consistently positive.

You work partly remote from Düsseldorf. How are you still close to the team and the sprints?

I will always be on site in Münster for the meetings that are essential in the Scrum environment. There are short 15-minute status meetings every day to keep up to date on current events.

In general, many employees also work from time to time in the home officewhich is why this kind of cooperation is nothing unusual at RAIDBOXES . And it should therefore not require any major adjustment.

What do you do when you're not RAIDBOXES working for?

Probably planning the next trip or surf trip. Otherwise I do a lot of sports, or just spend time together with my wife and friends.

Work at RAIDBOXES : Your questions

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Michael takes cake care of the areas of content and mental health at RAIDBOXES. He has been active in the blogger and WordPress community since 2007. Among other things as co-organizer of WordPress events, book author and corporate blog trainer. He loves blogging incredibly, professionally but also privately. Michael works and writes remotely from sunny Freiburg.

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