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New in Raidboxes Sales Team: Laura

We want Raidboxes to become better known and win new customers. Important pillars here are our distribution and our FREE DEV Partner Program. Now we have energetic sales support in Laura. Welcome to the best WordPress hosting team!

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Laura, what do you like about sales? The job is not suitable for everyone...

That's certainly true, from various aspects. However, I have to differentiate somewhat. After all, sales is not just sales, which is sometimes a cliché in people's minds. Personally, I like first and foremost the contact and exchange with potential new and existing customers, i.e. with people. I also love analyzing and advising on needs. In order to find the perfect solution together, which is tailored as precisely as possible. If there's nothing to analyze or the solution is "only" good in the end, then I find that hard to take 😉 .

This also leads to very close contacts, some of which last for years. In the past, I also worked in classic "sales jobs". In the sense that pressure and numbers were the only things that mattered. Including a hire-and-fire mentality and the complete ignoring of customer needs, sometimes in extreme form. I always quit after a very short time, because that's just not who I am and I can't stand for it.

New challenges in sales

Sales is also exciting for me because there are new challenges every day. And because your mind is working non-stop on how to make life even easier for your customers. Sales is fun when the environmental factors are right. This aspect was also important to me when, in my previous positions, I managed a small sales team and gave sales training courses, among other things. Accordingly, these were also based on a philosophy of authenticity and achieved very good effects. I think this was also because they liberated the employees in a certain way.

You are in charge of our partner program FREE DEV. How do you want to promote it?

Exactly, the FREE DEV programme is super exciting and really a win-win situation for everyone involved. I already have some ideas in mind to make it even more widely known. As a first step, I want to immerse myself in the world of our FREE DEVs and get to know them, preferably every single one 😉 In order to get as close as possible and understand their everyday work with all aspects, requirements, processes and needs.

I would also like to collect feedback regarding our program and, of course, the hosting itself. Here too, my aim is to align the program as closely as possible with what our partners need and want. Not only with the FREE DEV program but in general it is important for us to be "on the pulse" and in direct exchange with our freelancers, agencies, store operators and companies. In order to pick up ideas and implement them in the shortest possible time.

Based on this, you can then develop a variety of ideas to make the program even more popular and present. From new program services to webinars, events and collaborations, I already have a few things in mind that I could imagine.

You say: "I'm not a hardcore saleswoman". What makes a good customer approach for you?

Did I put it that way? 🙂 I think you should naturally tend to be more of an extrovert type of person. But you should also have a lot of empathy. I see that as an absolute basic requirement, in addition to excellent product knowledge and, of course, a professional manner. You should want to and be able to empathise with the customer (i.e. the person).

Successful customer approach

In this respect, a successful approach for me always consists first of all of building a relationship. Asking questions, listening, getting to know the other person, thereby understanding the need and also the personality behind it. I also find it important, if necessary, to refrain from an order if it is clear from the outset that it is not the best solution for the customer. You have to maintain your integrity. Sales in my personal definition means that in terms of empathy it makes no difference whether I am talking to my family, friends or customers. At the end of the day, we are all human beings and want to be treated well.

Raidboxes Trusted Shops
Comments from our customers on the support from Raidboxes

Therefore, I do not separate this value when it comes to professional or private. In general, I always see sales first as a consultation and an exchange. If there is also a good product and I can put the customer in the picture about it in such a way that he makes the mental connection between the product and the solution to his problem all by himself, then that is a very nice flow for both sites .

In sales, you look very closely at new employers. Why did you switch to Raidboxes?

That's true, and it has always been a challenge for me to find the right employer. One of the reasons for this is that I have never understood the "logic" of hierarchies. From my point of view, many companies in Germany lack flexibility and innovation, and new models are either not implemented or not really lived. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I lived abroad for a total of nine years and worked partly as a freelancer. Things are not yet so completely "professionalized" there, but they are much more dynamic, and more things get done in less time.

Why Raidboxes?

At Raidboxes, my gut knew from the very beginning - maybe for the very first time ever - that it was a perfect fit! In our slogan "Be free and wild and creative!" I immediately found myself. And when I took a closer look at the homepage, products and philosophy, I straight away understood that it was actually born out of the mission we want to fulfill for our customers. On the one hand, there is the product, which is not only clean, honest and powerful (every salesman's dream!), but which has also been developed with heart and soul. It always has the ambition to give our customers peace of mind and freedom. I'm happy every time I'm able to advise someone on the phone, because these points have spilled out to me as feedback in virtually every conversation so far!

On the other hand, there is the corporate culture, the values and the togetherness at Raidboxes. The values that stand above everything else in my life are freedom, loyalty and authenticity. When I asked Johannes and Torben in conversation back then how they would describe their "baby", their company, the motivation behind it in one sentence, the words freedom and loyalty (in the sense of wanting to give something back to the world, sustainability, etc.) immediately came up. At that moment I knew that, in addition to the great product, my people and my environment were a 110 percent match.

A big point in the decision was also the Holacracy which is really lived. In other words, the opportunity to develop further and to take on projects and more responsibility in an uncomplicated way. And last but not least, I liked the option of working both from home and in Münster.

How was your induction? And how do you process the vast amount of information?

Marcel and Johannes' induction was very well prepared and structured in stages. I got an insight into sales as well as into the "big picture" and all other areas of the company. In addition, there was also a lot of information about Raidboxes as a company, the culture and the values. I personally liked that very much.

The calmness, composure and patience was fantastic and helped a lot in the new situation. The amount of information is actually huge and proportional in a very short time - my head was buzzing. It helps to put the vast amount of information into a written structure from the very first day. You can then go through it again later, with a little more peace and quiet.

Have you already had your first customer contact? And are there any differences between this and your previous jobs?

Yes, I already have contact with both new customers who need plan- and product advice, as well as existing customers and also some of "my" FREE DEVs. There are definitely differences in contact and communication. I worked in other industries before (5 star hotels, BMW event marketing, language learning software), so the clientele was definitely different. Just like in my previous job in Sales & Business Development in a freshly founded European IT start-up, where I was mainly in contact with CTOs from larger companies.

The interaction there is once again a little more ... formal. I find the contact with our clients, agencies and freelancers very uncomplicated and refreshing. Open and expressive in the sense that in almost every phone call I get exuberant feedback on Raidboxes, our product and even on the consultation. In addition, even in short conversations, people like to brainstorm together quickly; overall, communication is more dynamic than in other industries. That's a great start!

What is your first impression of Raidboxes and the team?

It is simply wonderful! At the same time, it's exactly what I wanted and even better than I would have imagined 🙂 At Raidboxes, despite being a medium-sized company, the start-up spirit still prevails, and at the same time the company is very well organised, structured and everyone gives 110 per cent. In addition, you get everything you need to work productively and healthily.

The team

I am a very social person. The contacts you have in your working life - be it customers, be it the team - make a lot of difference and influence me. Here, for the first time, I have the feeling that I can "arrive" in this respect. The team is very colorful. At the same time, the common thread, according to my impression so far, is that each individual fits in with the values and the basic idea of Raidboxes\. Everyone I've gotten to know a little better so far is very warm as a person, simply great!

RB Team
Part of the team from Raidboxes

The values that Raidboxes represents are actually lived internally. Everyone is very open and friendly, and I get immediate help with any questions. For the first time, I have the feeling that I am not "at work" but "working with friends". That's a small but far-reaching difference. And it makes many things more productive and efficient.

You work remotely, from near Hamburg. How do you cope with working from home?

Exactly, but I am well "trained" in this respect, as I have been working from my home office since 2014. In this respect, this is already normality for me, for which I am very grateful. Because for me it was a real liberating blow, because in previous jobs where I had to work non-stop in a "classic" office, I always went half crazy.

In the home office and in my quiet working environment, I am much more relaxed and, above all, more productive. I can focus on my current tasks and projects there. In addition to the usual tools that I have used for the most part in the years before, order and self-discipline are definitely an important factor. Fortunately, these are very strong in my case. Furthermore, it helps me to keep my home office well organized (visually as well).

I structure my to-dos and lists well and always have them up to date. Sometimes, of course, I don't have contact with my colleagues, but that's great at Raidboxes, too. I can go to the office in Münster at any time and work with the rest of the team.

What do you do when you're not working for Raidboxes?

I like to do sports, cook comfortably and meet up with friends. I'm also currently catching up with my parents on a lot of the time we didn't have during my years abroad. During the first Corona wave, I also regularly helped out my elderly neighbours, which I'm sure I'll continue to do now in autumn and winter.

Apart from that, I generally like to be outdoors, sometimes driving longer distances by car. Especially to the sea, because I miss the space and freedom from time to time after all the years I spent living on the beach abroad 🙂 Next I want to brush up on the languages I once spoke fluently (French and Spanish). And I want to start dancing again, which has fallen by the wayside over the years.

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