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Raidboxes is Getting Bigger. New in the Team: Michael Firnkes

WordPress, WooCommerce and content marketing - these are the strengths of Michael Firnkes, who is now supporting the Raidboxes team. So you can look forward to new articles, e-books and professional tips from him. So that you know exactly who is behind the new content, we have asked Michael a few questions.

How did you get in to WordPress?

Originally purely as a blogger. I had to look it up first: I started my first blog in 2007 (God, I'm getting old)), alongside my actual job. It was successful pretty quickly, and I went into business for myself with my blogs. Back then, it was still easy to make a living at it. At most, you got headwinds from the community, like at my first WordCamp session on "making money with blogs". The good old blogosphere...

Today it's the other way around, with monetization topics being among the most visited. Much of the private blogosphere is now clearly too optimized and too profit-oriented for me. After the kind of "get rich quick without effort" - *yawn*. Professionally, of course, it has helped me. I got all my knowledge about online and content marketing through blogging.

As a computer scientist, I quickly "slipped" into the WP scene at the same time. Among other things, I helped organize WP Camps in Berlin (we weren't allowed to call it WordCamp). This was followed by jobs for WordPress and WooCommerce-companies: The virus had infected me.

What brings you to Raidboxes and what will you do in the team?

After five years of professional blogging for a company, I wanted a change of perspective. It was clear that I wanted to return to the WordPress environment and WooCommerce . I had already noticed Raidboxes as an exciting company at the WordCamps.

Besides my job, I also give seminars on blog and content marketing, mostly for larger companies. Again and again, they say: "We would like to use WordPress, but IT forbids us". Good and secure hosting is the basic prerequisite for WordPress to establish itself in the pro environment. I like the mission of Raidboxes, to advocate for freelancers, agencies and startups here. When I heard that the team was looking for content support, I was immediately interested.

Together with Leefke I take care of the content marketing and the blog, especially the topic WooCommerce.

What's your first impression?

Professional work, with a great team. At my last employer I worked purely from home and rarely saw my colleagues. I really like working remotely. Especially when blogging it gives me the necessary peace. But I have noticed that I miss the togetherness. Although I won't be in Münster very often, since I'm writing from home again (Freiburg by now). But much more often than before.

Tip: Michael knows the challenges of remote work or (temporary) home office. Read his article Remote working: Advantages and disadvantages for employees and companies.

And I now work in a small but fine marketing team. That means I get professional feedback on my content, and I can work out the so-called content strategy together and put it to the test. I know what a great service corporate blogs provide. But only if they focus on added value and personality. At Raidboxes this is already the case. That was the basic prerequisite and the most important argument for my application.

What are you most looking forward to?

Besides working with colleagues: The return to the WordCamps, now also to the WCEU in Berlin. That had fallen asleep for me in the last two years. There are a few I want to say "hello" to there 🙂 And that I can deepen my knowledge and contacts in the direction of WooCommerce . I still hope that a small community will form in D/A/CH at some point, just like with WordPress. WooCommerce-However, users "tick" differently. Let's see, maybe I can contribute to this.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to writing books again. That was also my entry into the blogging world with "Blog Boosting". I don't have time for real publishing books anymore, but I will create one or two e-books at Raidboxes\.

Which (WordPress ) topics are you currently most interested in?

With my personal blog, I initially cursed about Gutenberg , now I love I love it. Collaboration in blogging has long been a dream of networked writers. I'm curious to see where the journey will take us.

I have yet to get to grips with the topic of hosting WordPress & WooCommerce myself. I have a healthy basic knowledge, but my blogs were with various cheap hosts - for lack of an alternative at the time. However, I know how much better you can do in terms of support, just like with Raidboxes 😉

And I observe how the users of WooCommerce are becoming more professional. The times are over when the system was only suitable for small shops. WordPress as a basis and "blog CMS" is perfect. Because every online shop - like every portal in general - needs very good content to be able to keep up with Amazon & Co. even to some extent. Here I have blogged about it.

That means: I'm looking forward to webshops that finally don't just offer meaningless product descriptions and horrible usability. The first ones have already understood this game. In this respect, blogging and online selling is a perfect combination.

What do you do when you're not blogging?

I take care of my little family, am out and about in the vineyards in the Kaiserstuhl, or take an online break meditating and doing yoga. So exactly the opposite. This helps me to "come down". And to stop thinking 24/7 in online. I now consciously switch off the computer sometimes. Since then I am much more structured, and have more joy in writing again.

After a long break, I am also blogging privately again, albeit irregularly. I can pursue my passion professionally and privately, that's the beauty of blogging and of WordPress 🙂

Dear Michael, thank you very much for the interview. We are very excited about your valuable input for content marketing and look forward to our readers finding more content on the topic of "WooCommerce" soon 😉

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