We just took a clean sweep of awards at Review Signals annual WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks roundup, in all three of our categories. We’re super excited to share these results with you (and maybe brag a little bit too)!

Last year was the first year we entered RAIDBOXES into the judging and we were delighted with the results; both of our entrants received the prestigious Top Tier award. 

This time round we managed to top that! We entered three different price plans to Review Signals WordPress Hosting Benchmarks and came away with two Top Tier awards AND an Honourable Mention.

So, what is Review Signal and how do they judge it?

Review Signal is considered by many to be the gold standard for honest, unbiased reviews of hosting services. It’s a really important platform for anyone looking at hosting services, as the hosting market is often dominated by paid for content and sponsored reviews. This can make it really hard to work out which hosting service provider is the right one to choose.

Founded by Kevin Ohashi in 2013, Review Signal began ranking hosting providers by analysing twitter comments. It has since grown to take a number of different features into account when giving out their awards. With all this fuss, it’s clear that hosting is pretty important, especially for people in the web industry, who’s careers can depend on reliable hosting.

Regular hosting is one thing, but RAIDBOXES specialises in providing WordPress hosting, which didn’t exactly fit into Review Signals format for rankings. For a while now, Review Signal has published an annual blog post, reviewing WordPress hosting providers. However, with 40% of websites on the internet using WordPress, it was widely welcomed when Review Signal launched a new website; wphostingbenchmarks.com, giving WordPress hosting providers like us, their own platform for reviews.

This annual round up is big enough news to the WordPress community that the respected publication WordPressTavern even published an articleoutlining the various top performers this year.

Review Signal uses a variety of tests to rate the hosting providers and takes all of these into account when dishing out their verdict. Essentially, these tests fall into two different categories, performance and consistency. It’s pretty obvious why these two words are important when thinking of your website, but let’s look a little deeper at exactly how they are tested and why they matter when considering a hosting provider.


To test load time, websites from one provider are put through load time tests using Loadstorm, which is “designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing”. It measures how many requests a website can handle and how many errors it throws up. Loadstorm also measures the average response time of the websites and the login response time. This is a crucial test, research has shown that up to 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

The next test is performed using K6, which is similar to the Loadstorm test, but measures the performance of the website when cached, by repeatedly requesting a website. Again, success is measured by the number of requests a website can handle and the response time the server takes. This is of similar importance to the Loadstorm test, but it tests how effectively the pages are cached.

It’s also important to see how a website from different locations around the world, for this, Web Page Test is used. It tests the load time from 12 different locations around the world.

Finally in the performance category is WordPress performance benchmarks. These are benchmark tests to see how the server handles front end queries and how long it takes to compute back end functions in PHP.


Consistency in the hosting world mostly relates to uptime, which is the amount of time the website spends online vs. offline. To monitor uptime, Review Signal uses two different monitors; Hetrix Tools and Uptime Robot test the uptime of a website of a website over a three month period. A third, independent monitor is also run, which is only used if the two main monitors produce a significant discrepancy in results. Uptime for a website is extremely important, even a few seconds offline could be costly for a large e-commerce enterprise.

Also taken into account in the scoring are SSL certificates. This is the modern standard for encryption and plays a part in the all important SEO (Google uses SSL as a low level ranking metric).

Bei all den getesteten Parametern ist es schwer, Schwächen in der Performance und der Erreichbarkeit zu verbergen. Wie letztes Jahr haben wir wieder einmal unsere Leistungen in der Kategorie <$25 /Monat und $201-$500/Monat vorgelegt. Es war das erste Mal, dass wir in der teuersten Preisklasse ab $500/Monat (Enterprise Hosting) bewertet worden sind. 

Just how well did we do? (Data incoming!)

Well, we mentioned already that RAIDBOXES scored highly enough to collect an award in all three categories we entered, but we were especially proud of the consistently good results our services produced across the tests. So we want to share with you a few of the key areas where our service stood out.

It’s easiest to break these results down into the various categories that WP Hosting Benchmarks do, that way if a particular service isn’t applicable to you, you can skip over it to a service that is (unless of course you really like numbers and fancy reading about how consistent and scalable our different hosting solutions are!).

<$25/Monat: Top Tier Award!

LoadStorm Test (User Test)

  • 448,671 requests with just 13 errors.
  • Average response time of 446 milliseconds.
  • Login response time of 748 milliseconds.

K6 (Cached Test)

  • 394,453 requests with 0 errors.
  • Average response time 142 milliseconds.

Web Page Test

  • Average response time under 1.2 seconds.
  • London and Frankfurt response time around 0.5 seconds!

Performance Benchmarks

  • More than 400 queries / second
  • Under 10 seconds response time for PHP

$201-$500/month: Honourable Mention!

LoadStorm Test (User Test)

  • 640,766 requests with 33 errors.
  • Average response time of 595 milliseconds.
  • Login response time of 1012 milliseconds. (We missed a top tier by only 0.012 seconds!)

K6 (Cached Test)

  • 1,576,769 requests with 0 errors.
  • Average response time 143 milliseconds.

Web Page Test

  • Average response time under 1.1 seconds.
  • London and Frankfurt response time around 0.5 seconds!

Performance Benchmarks

  • More than 800 queries / second
  • Under 5 seconds response time for PHP

$500+/month (Enterprise): Top Tier Award!

LoadStorm Test (User Test)

  • 2,036,073 requests with a staggeringly low 17 errors.
  • Average response time of 513 milliseconds.
  • Login response time of 876 milliseconds

K6 (Cached Test)

  • 1,972,189 requests with 0 errors.
  • Average response time 142 milliseconds.

Web Page Test

  • Average response time under 1.2 seconds.
  • London and Frankfurt response time around 0.5 seconds!

Performance Benchmarks

  • More than 800 queries / second
  • Under 5 seconds response time for PHP

SSL certificates

Our SSL certificates came in rated at A+.

overview of RAIDBOXES ssl certificate results from Review Signal 2021
Review Signal 2021

What do the results mean for our customers?

As you can tell, we’re pretty proud of our results, but there’s a reason for it. Our job is to keep the websites we host online, performing at their very best, which leaves our customers free to focus on their business. Earlier, we mentioned that there’s a plethora of companies offering hosting services. Whilst we think you should always choose the provider that best suits your needs, it's also important that your website gives users the right experience. 

All these tests performed by Review Signal can be distilled down towards one end goal - quality user experience. When building a website it’s important to remember, all the hard work of targeting a user can be undone if the host server performance falls short. Long load times, poor SSL quality and frequent downtime all play a major role in users returning to a site and their conversion rate.

It’s therefore important to choose a hosting provider like RAIDBOXES, with performance you can rely on. Don’t just take our word for it though, you can find our company profile for this year's results and last on the official Review Signal website here.

Do you have any other questions?

What questions do you have about our results? We are looking forward to your comment. Are you interested in WordPress, hosting and our offers? Then follow RAIDBOXES on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via our newsletter.

Pascal supports the RAIDBOXES team in the area of social media and content marketing. Besides his studies in journalism and public relations, he has worked in several social media agencies. He is also a video specialist. As a trained media designer for image and sound, he creates videos.

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