What Does the GDPR's Prohibition of Coupling Mean for Your Email Marketing?

"prohibition of coupling" - Since the entry into force of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this term is often used in connection with marketing measures. But very few people are aware of exactly what it means. So it is not surprising that many violate the prohibition of couplingwithout even knowing it. Lawyer Mario Steinberg explains what the ban means for your email marketing... read more

What fines do website operators face for data protection violations?

On 14 October 2019, the Conference of the Independent Data Protection Authorities of the Federation and the Länder (DSK) published a concept for the assessment of fines in proceedings against companies. It is now finally clear what fines website operators can expect in the event of data protection violations. Basic information on the DSK's fine concept It is generally known that violations of the GDPR can result in fines of up to ten million euros or ... read more

Conversion killer data protection?

The European Court of Justice has declared cookie opt-ins to be a duty that can be enforced. This is supposed to protect your data. Raidboxes complies with the requirements - and loses sales as a result. Why data protection is not equally fair for all companies. GDPR E-privacy regulation, cookie banner obligation... There have been more fun times for website operators. If you take the regulations into account, then you have ... read more

Study shows: Only 0.1% consent to legally compliant cookie banners

According to a recent study by the Ruhr University Bochum and the University of Michigan, most cookie banners on European websites are not privacy-compliant. In addition, the results of the study show which cookie notices website visitors tend to reject and which they tend to accept. Disclaimer: This blog post is not legal advice. In the course of our work as a WordPress host, we've dealt very intensively with ... read more

Cookie banners - but do it right! You should pay attention to these 7 things

The appearance of cookie banners has changed on many websites recently. In the past, you only got a small pop-up window with a succinct notice that some unspecified "cookies" are being set on the website. In the meantime, you often get a list of the individual cookies and a selection option via checkboxes as to which of them are accepted ... read more

GDPR-compliant With the WordPress Session Eraser

According to GDPR , you should store as little data as possible. We can help you with this! With our special hosting tool WordPress Session Eraser, you can define with just a few clicks the interval at which the WordPress sessions of your users are deleted. A session in WordPress is nothing more than a kind of personal access card that the logged-in user can use on your ... read more

What GDPR Means For Your Email Marketing

The sole entry into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation since 25. Mai brought some changes with it. Vivien Beischau from Newsletter2Go has put together 6 tips for you so that you know which requirements you have to observe for your email marketing from now on. Implement the requirements of GDPR in 6 steps: 1. send only with double opt-in If you want to ... read more

GDPR & WordPress: Technical Measures You Should Implement Now

On 25.05.2018, the EUGDPR came into force. We show you the technical measures you should implement to operate your WordPress website in a legally secure manner. Without jumping on the panic train, we offer you an overview of the technical precautions that we consider important in light of GDPR . Update Info: We have used our collective experience in the ... read more