The Raidboxes Year in Review 2021

Our conclusion for 2021: Change! A lot has happened at Raidboxes in the last twelve months: New office, many new and wonderful staff members and our relaunch is still to come at the beginning of the coming year. We have grown - a lot. This has triggered profound changes in the team and in the company. We want to share with you, our ... read more

New at Raidboxes: CTO Thomas Goik

We live Managed WordPress Hosting 100 percent. The Dashboard of Raidboxes shall remain number 1 in the future - this is ensured by our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Thomas Goik among others. Learn more about his diverse work and about our team. The product development of Raidboxes Thomas, you are new on board as CTO. ... read more

New at Raidboxes: Maik in Product Development and Support

We are proud of our Managed WordPress Hosting, especially our features. The Dashboard from Raidboxes takes a lot of work off your shoulders. Maik supports our product development and 3rd level support to keep it that way. You can learn more about his work at Raidboxes in our interview. Tasks in 3rd Level Support Maik, which ... read more

New at Raidboxes: UX Engineer Thomas

Our Dashboard is the central tool for managing the Boxesof our clients. That's why we are constantly working to improve and optimise it. That's why we welcome Raidboxes the very first UX Engineer in our team, who develops new features for our customers. Find out more about Thomas' job in the interview. Hello Thomas, you are Raidboxes 's first UX designer, what ... readmore

New at Raidboxes: Caspar Hübinger for Internationalization

Raidboxes will increasingly position itself internationally in the coming months. An important step, for which we were able to win over a prominent face from the WordPress community: Caspar Hübinger. In this interview, he tells us more about his exciting task. Opening up new markets - a complex project Caspar, at Raidboxes you are responsible for internationalisation. What are ... readmore

New in Raidboxes Support Team: Chris

What does Raidboxes look like from the customer's perspective? How do you manage to make support seekers happy? And who is happily snoozing under the palm tree in the office lately? 10 questions for our supporter Chris. Chris, you've been a customer and FREE DEV at Raidboxes since 2016 - and have now virtually switched sides. What have ... read more

New in Raidboxes Sales Team: Laura

We want Raidboxes to become better known and win new customers. Important pillars here are our sales department and our FREE DEV Partner Program . Now, with Laura, we have energetic sales support. Welcome to the best WordPress hosting team! Laura, what do you like about sales? The job is not suitable for everyone... That's certainly true, under different aspects. I ... read more

Birgit - New in Raidboxes Administration

With more staff, the tasks of our administration and accounting also grow. This is exactly where Birgit supports our team. Find out more about her role and about working at Raidboxes. Birgit, what exactly are your tasks? Among other things, I am gradually taking over administrative tasks that were previously the responsibility of my colleagues. For example, the annual accounts or bookkeeping. At the same time ... readmore

New at Raidboxes: Product Owner Jacob

The team at Raidboxes lives WordPress 100 per cent. We want our Dashboard to remain number 1 in the future - and to achieve this, we are strengthening product development and project management. You can find out more about Jacob's work in our interview. Jacob, what exactly are your tasks as a product owner? First of all, my task will be to come up with a ... readmore