New in product development: 9 questions for Marten

We are proud of our special features for WordPress. A lot of work goes into Dashboard from Raidboxes\. Marten supports our product development so that you can look forward to exciting features in the future. Learn more about his work at Raidboxes in our interview. Marten, what will be your first project at Raidboxes? There I have ... readmore

New in the Support Team of Raidboxes: Niklas and Christian

Our support team regularly gets top marks - in the chat, at WordCamps, in the social networks and at Trusted Shops. Of course, we want it to stay that way. That's why we are very happy about Niklas (left) and Christian. They support our heroes in support, Niklas additionally in product development. As the number of customers grows, so do the requests to our support. Christian and ... read more

Annie - New to the Marketing Team at Raidboxes

Our magazine wp unboxed, e-books, the WordPress newsletter, social media channels... As the number of customers grows, so do the demands on our marketing. Now, with Annie, we have energetic design and content support. Welcome to the best WordPress hosting team! Up to now, Torben, Leefke and Michael have been taking care of all content, graphics, ads, SEO, videos as well as the design ... read more

9 Questions for our new 'Head of Development' Matthias Held

Our Senior Dev Matthias has been our new Head of Development (HoD) since April. But what does an HoD actually do? And what plans does Matthias have for Raidboxes product development and our technology team? He answered these and other questions for you. How long have you been with Raidboxes and what was your previous function? I ... read more

Raidboxes is Getting Bigger. New in the Team: Michael Firnkes

WordPress, WooCommerce and content marketing - these are the strengths of Michael Firnkes, who is now supporting the Raidboxes team. You can look forward to new articles, e-books and professional tips from him. So that you know exactly who is behind the new content, we asked Michael a few questions. How did you come to WordPress? ... read more