Web design trends 2018 and how we successfully implemented them

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 21.10.2020
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Design trends 2018
Last updated 21.10.2020

For self-employed professionals and businesses today, a compelling website is a business card, figurehead and showroom all at once. With over a billion websites worldwide and the rapid evolution of web design trends, it's a big challenge to stand out from the competition. Our old site couldn't do it anymore - So we gave it a makeover. I'll show you what came out of it and what web design trends we've been following for 2018.

Update: Well, which website trends from 2018 have held up to this day 😉 Be sure to check out our follow-up article on web design trends in 2019!

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The "dos and don'ts" in web design evolve so quickly that you'd have to redesign your website every year or two to avoid being left behind. A look at the web design trends of the nineties makes it clear that there is a world of difference between then and now.

Of course, it doesn't always have to be a completely new design concept. Especially with established brands, this is not necessary at all and could even confuse customers. Often, small adjustments are enough to improve the user experience of your visitors.

However, if you don't think about design trends at all, you will scare away potential customers. Because just like in real life, first impressions count here too.

If you present yourself with a dusty website, you should not expect to be perceived as professional, competent or innovative.

At some point, it became clear to us that the RAIDBOXES design needed a new coat of paint. What was still a modern website with a startup feeling in 2015, was slowly no longer living up to our motto "Be free and wild and creative". So a new design was needed! Today, I'm going to show you the four big web design trends for 2018 that we've implemented in the process.

Create depth through Flat 2.0

Web design trends 2018 and how we successfully implemented them

In recent years, flat design has been a big trend. This generally refers to a very minimalist style that does without large shadows, texture and 3D effects. Currently, the trend is going back towards drop shadows, but only to set specific accents with optical depth.

As the image above shows, we have used a simple flat design to create the graphic. However, this is supplemented by drop shadows around the higher-level graphic elements. Since we primarily use the shadows to highlight and more realistically represent individual areas of the site , we can also speak of Flat 2.0.

This development is also important from a user experience (UX) perspective, as the different depths make it easier for users to recognize important elements such as buttons and the like.

Bright gradients and bevels

Web design trends 2018 and how we successfully implemented them

Another big web design trend right now is bright colors and flashy gradients. Our old website still had plain grey backgrounds. We only set accents with blue or orange icons and buttons. The new design is much more colorful: For the backgrounds we now use bright color gradients in blue, purple or pink.

What we have also said goodbye to are horizontal lines and a perfect symmetry of the individual elements. In 2018, it can be a little more oblique and disordered. The boxes with the domains in the image above, for example, arrange themselves differently each time the site is called up. This makes site look more dynamic overall.

These websites also use eye-catching gradients, slants, or random elements:

Cartoon-style illustrations and animations

Web design trends 2018 and how we successfully implemented them

Illustrations create personality

In 2018, many websites are turning to cartoon-style illustrations to add a personal and playful touch to site . Unlike photos, there are no limits when it comes to creating illustrations. This can create graphics that accurately reflect your brand's identity.

Playful illustrations are entertaining, create a sense of authenticity, and offer a welcome change from contrived and old-fashioned stock photos.

In this context, the increasing popularity of the SVG format for graphics is another web design trend. The special thing about SVG graphics is that you can scale them to infinity without scaling them to infinity without compromising quality. This makes SVG graphics particularly suitable for responsive design.

Moving graphics as eye-catcher

Another web design trend in 2018 is animated graphics. On our new website you will find many small animations that make the user experience more interesting and set specific accents.

Through large moving graphics (such as in our agency and freelancer tools), a potential customer immediately understands what the topic is in the respective section.

Here are some websites that also use cartoons and/or animation:

Mobile-First is no empty phrase

The fact that there's even more focus on mobile optimization for your site in 2018 should come as no surprise to you. Just recently Google announced once againthat the ranking algorithm will be based on mobile-first Mobile-First-Indexing is to be converted.

This means that the ranking of your site will be primarily based on the mobile version of your website in the future.

But that's no reason to panic just yet, because according to Google, the strict implementation of these plans will still take some time. Since a good user experience has a positive effect on your you should nevertheless start optimizing your website early on.

Final thoughts

As with all fast-moving fields, there's no guarantee that these web design trends will actually define 2018. But no matter which direction the trend takes, we're mighty proud of our new design and can fully identify with it.

What do you think of our new website? Do you know of any other design trends you think we'll see more of in 2018? We'd love to hear your comments!

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