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The Best Web Design Trends 2023

Want to know what's hot in the world of web design? Here are the most important web design trends 2023 that you should know.

As every year, the turn of the year offers us the opportunity to examine the past and draw conclusions about the future. 2023 marks the end of an exciting year for all tech enthusiasts. But not without giving us a little taste of what we can look forward to in Web Design Trends 2024: After years of testing and development, there are finally affordable AI applications that can make our lives easier in web design.

Color of the Year 2023

Just in time for the end of the year, Pantone has again announced the color of the coming year. In 2023, this will be a vibrant red:

"Viva Magenta"

Pantone describes this color as a crimson tone that maintains a pleasant balance between warm and cool.

Web design trends 2023 Pantone
The Color of the Year - "Viva Magenta

AI on the Rise

Artificial intelligence has been on the rise since this year, especially in connection with content creation. In the last few months in particular, we have seen an increase in the number of new applications. They have become easier to use and the results are constantly being improved. 

In 2023, we will definitely be looking more at AI and using it primarily to our advantage.

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AI Generated Color Palettes

The Internet is full of apps that can help you choose and compose color palettes. For example, the Adobe Color Wheel.

In the future, however, we can also increasingly expect AI support. Huemint is one such example. It generates color palettes where you have the choice. You can decide how much freedom you want to give the AI. It also offers you the possibility to quickly export the colors as bootstrap code. This way you can quickly integrate the chosen colors into your website project and you can also quickly create color transitions.

Web design trends 2023 color palette
An AI Generated Color Palette

AI Generated Textual Content

The web is evolving and so are web design trends. AI will be a big part of the future of web design and content creation. In fact, AI has already been used to create content for Forbes, Facebook, and Amazon. Some AI-powered tools are already available to help you create content for your website or blog - with no prior knowledge or experience!

The previous paragraph was created using the rytr application. The web application offers some interesting features. Among other things, you can create content in different languages, set the right use case, choose the appropriate writing style and the number of variations you want to create. Then rytr creates texts for you based on your keywords.

Web design trends 2023 rytr
AI Generated Text Based on Keywords and Parameters

This is especially helpful if you want to generate social media content, or need some inspiration for writing blog articles. 

Artificial intelligence is also suitable for generating initial texts for website. 

However, these texts are only to be used as starting points. As a rule, they cannot be used without further ado. It often takes several attempts to find the right keywords. Also, not every statement made by the AI necessarily applies, or may not even be what you want to say in essence.

Nevertheless, these applications provide valuable support that will make content writing immensely easier and more efficient for us in the future.

Another such app is copy.ai. This app offers premium features, but is free for now.

The Best Web Design Trends 2023
Another AI for Generating Text: Copy.Ai

AI Generated Images

One of the most time-consuming tasks in design is finding suitable image material. Thanks to stock photography and other online databases, the supply is large and affordable. However, the fact that this image material is also used by many other users often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. 

Artificial intelligence lets you create your own images. By entering keywords, for example, you can have an initial image designed and then refine it through iteration loops until it meets the desired purpose. On the plus side, you can specify the style you want. This way, all your imagery will have the same style.

Some practice is required here. It takes a bit of time to create usable material using keywords and iteration processes.

The AI can't easily create realistic faces either. Instead, strangely distorted, eerie creatures are created. 

So I would recommend either using the AI for general inspiration to then create the visuals yourself, or at least adjust the final result accordingly. 

To portray people, I would still always recommend a photographer's appointment. This has the most authentic effect and creates personality.


Hotpot.ai is very uncomplicated to use. You can also test out as much as you want in the free version. However, the quality of the downloaded images can only be adjusted with the paid version.

Web Design Trends 2023 Image Ai 2


The NightCafe application delivered by far the best results for me. The iteration process is also presented here in an extremely user-friendly way. However, the application is chargeable after initial free credit points.

Web Design Trends 2023 Image Ai


DeepAi is another tool for creating AI images. However, I found its use to be limited and I was not particularly satisfied with the image results. Again, there are paid and free versions.

Web Design Trends 2023 Image Ai 3


Dall-E also works on the basis of credits. That is, after initial free credits, you have to purchase some to continue using the AI. The image results were very satisfactory.

Web Design Trends 2023 Image Ai 4

Websites in 3D 

We're also making more and more progress with 3D, especially in a more web-friendly way. In 2023, you can make your website stand out by designing it in a 3D environment.

Panasonic has created special digital 3D rooms to present its products as they would be used in reality. The user can go on a little journey of discovery here and look at the various products on the subject.

Web design trends 2023 Panasonic

Joshua's World is a design portfolio. Although the 3D world has few interactions, they are quite enough to captivate the user and display his projects.

Web design trends 2023 Joshua

Micro Animations

Micro animations are still a trend. Often they are used in web design as an expression of feedback. So when the user interacts with something, as a hover effect, or as feedback after a click.

Especially very serious pages can benefit a lot from these small interactions. Animations are especially suitable to give your site more dynamics and life. 

Web Design Trends 2023 Microinteractions Examples Tutorial

Animations to highlight individual products are also very trendy at the moment. In the following, the products are revealed via hover animation.

Web Design Trends 2023 Orb Space
Product revelations through hover animations at Orb Space

Mouse pointer and its movements will continue to be animated in 2023 and very creatively.

These include clever animations that reveal themselves when the user moves the pointer, as well as mouse pointers that visually deviate from the standard.

Web design trends 2023 Advteam
Visual Color Effects with the Mouse at Advanced Team
Web design trends 2023 Utsubo
Artistic Effects with Mouse Movements at Utsubo

Motion without Video: Cinemagrams

In web design trends 2023, we will increasingly see a mix of still images with small, repetitive, movements. An interesting way to bring movement to your site without using video.

By the way, you can create cinemagrams with Photoshop: Click here for the tutorial.

The Best Web Design Trends 2023
At Cinemagraphs There are Several Examples of Cinemagrams

Text is one of the most important graphic and content elements of your website. That's why we don't want to neglect it in our annual outlook.

In 2023, website visitors will more often encounter a mix of horizontal and vertical text.

Web Design Trends 2023 Vertw
Vertical UI Design at Vertically Works
Web Design Trends 2023 Hyperg
Vertical and Horizontal Text at Hypergiant Industries

Visually, we are moving further away from the limitations of the grid system. Thanks to the constantly expanding possibilities in frontend programming, we can say goodbye to rigid layouts more and more.

In the future, we will see more web pages where shapes, images, and text overlap.

In the following example, the hierarchy of elements changes during scrolling. So here, not only are elements placed on top of each other, but also their position is used to determine what has the most priority and when.

Web Design Trends 2023 Eysprint
Changed Element Hierarchy when Scrolling with Eyesprint
Web Design Trends 2023 Signes
Example of the Different Levels at Signes du Quotidien

In addition to artificial intelligence, overlapping elements, magenta, animated mouse pointers and more, we can expect an exciting year for web design trends in 2024. However, old trends that have tended to turn into guidelines in recent years should never be forgotten:

You can also find more web design trends from 2023 here.

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