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WP-News: 39 percent less Brute Force attacks in May & new photo licenses at Unsplash

Last week the long awaited WordPress Update 4.8, aka Evans, was released. Also, the team at Wordfence has released the WordPress Attack Report for May has been published. And a change in the photo licenses from Unsplash.com is causing some uncertainty.

WP-News: 39 percent less Brute Force attacks in May & new photo licenses at Unsplash

WordPress Attack Report for May

In his WordPress Attack Report the team at Wordfence reports the results of its monthly security analyses. According to the report, the average number of daily Brute Force attacks in May was around 22 million - that is almost 39 percent fewer attacks than in March and April. The reason for the sharp decline is, according to Wordfence a botnet that has become inactivewhich in the last few weeks has been launching more attacks on WordPress sites in recent weeks. The maximum number of daily Brute Force attacks in May, at just over 30 million, was also a good 16 million lower than in the previous month.

The number of so-called complex attacks, i.e. exploits of security vulnerabilities in Plugins and Themes, also decreased by a good 6 percent. The countries with the most attacking IPs in May were Russia, Ukraine and the USA. Since the measured data only refers to WP sites using the Wordfence Plugin , it is only a rough approximation. However, with over 2 million active installations, this approximate value stands on a very broad basis.

WP-News: 39 percent less Brute Force attacks in May & new photo licenses at Unsplash

Unsplash.com changes photo licenses

The photo platform Unsplash.comwhich has become known for its high-resolution images under CC0 licenses, has changed its license conditions. Since many WordPress users and Theme developers use photos from Unsplash, the change in license caused concern in the community. The concerns are according to Unsplash co-founder Luke Chesser however unfounded, since there will continue to be no restrictions on the use of individual images.

WordPress runs under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which is often used for open source WordPress projects. Unsplash's old license was compliant with the GPL guidelines. The new license, on the other hand, now prohibits the use of the images to provide an Unsplash-like service. This restriction is, at least theoretically, incompatible with GPL.

More news at a glance

WordPress 4.8 aka Evans
Last week, the long-awaited WordPress update 4.8 was released. It is called Evans and brings some new features. As a Raidboxescustomer, you can now easily update your pages via Dashboard.

WordCamp exclusively for publishers
This summer, the first WordCamp just for WP publishers will take place in the US. Over half of the total 230 tickets tickets have already been sold.

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