WP-News: Who is this WordPress user & new crypto money hacking trend

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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WordPress  Newsletter #42

Because of the bridge and holidays it was relatively quiet last week. Of course, there is still WP news for you: In addition to the new features of the Gutenberg Halloween update and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ), we also have something that is of great importance for the entire global WordPress community: The 2017 WordPress survey.

WP-News: Who is this WordPress user & new crypto money hacking trend

WordPress - Users: Who are we?
We start today with a concern that has been on our minds since our first hour in the WP community: What does the average WordPress user look like? Sure, as host and a former agency, we've naturally gotten some insights into the european and parts of the European community. But WordPress is a global phenomenon. And the weal and woe of our CMS (and for many of us that means the weal and woe of our business), which powers 28 percent of the Internet, is actually decided by a relatively small number of people. And in order for those few people to really make WordPress better, it's hugely important that there is at least somewhat reliable data about users and usage. That's why we're launching the 2017 WordPress survey this week. The findings from this survey can help sharpen our understanding of the global community, and have the potential to play a role in all major decisions. Of course, this is only true if enough users participate. So it's time to join in and give the 99.9 percent of WP users a face!


Project handover works with WP training
Every web designer, every agency knows the problem: Even weeks after the project handover, questions from (former) customers keep coming up, which can take hours, even whole working days. This costs time and nerves and above all: slows down other WordPress projects. According to the colleagues from WPMU DEV, a one-hour WordPress training for your customer can work wonders in terms of support effort. These are the 9 most important WordPress topicsthat you should explain to your customer.

How to optimize your customer support
When the support effort for one of their Plugin became unmanageable, the colleagues at RebelCode knew something had to happen. After all, the quality of customer support has a direct impact on conversions: "Although many saw the value in our product over that of our competitors, some were looking for a quick solution and opted to go elsewhere because we didn't get back to them right away". You can learn more about the concrete measures you can take to optimize your customer support here.


Are you ready for the General Data Protection Regulation?
In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) will come into force. It applies not only to all companies within the EU, but also to foreign companies that sell their products or services in EU countries. The aim of the legislation is to strengthen consumers' rights regarding the collection, use and storage of their data. Claire Brotherton explains how to best prepare your online business for GDPR .

WordPress sites exploited for cryptocurrency
Is cryptomining the new hacking trend? Security vendor Wordfence is seeing increasing attempts, Coinhive-code on vulnerable WordPress sites . The cryptocurrency mined with the code then ends up in the attacker's account, of course. Often, the owners of the hacked sites do not notice anything until considerable damage has already been done. Because if the high CPU consumption - caused by the hidden cryptominig - annoys your site visitors, it shows not only in the engagement but also in the conversions and your sales. Security provider Wordfence explains how you can recognise such an attack and what you can do about it.


This is what Gutenberg's Halloween release brings
The update of Gutenberg-Plugins to version 1.6 makes writing articles much more comfortable. The toolbar is now fixed at the top of the screen and can no longer pop up unintentionally and block the view. In addition, the update brings some improvements in terms of performance.

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