WordPress Newsletter #46

WP News: The most efficient data center in the world & better WP code quality through the "Tide" project

Last week we discussed the "Tide" project that XWP has launched to make the code quality of WordPress plugins and themes more transparent. Also, the EU General Data Protection Regulation is getting closer: the plugin "Delete Me" helps site owners implement the "right to be forgotten", which is part of the GDPR . And we were guests at Cloud & Heat, which has developed the world's most energy-efficient data center.

WP News: The most efficient data center in the world & better WP code quality through the "Tide" project

World record in energy efficiency! - The new energy revolution?

Last week we traveled to Frankfurt to attend the inauguration ceremony of a new Cloud & Heat data center. This is not an ordinary data center at all. Because: Cloud & Heat have developed an innovative hot water cooling system for their servers, creating the most energy-efficient data center in the world. With this method, the server waste heat can be directly dissipated and used to heat real estate and provide hot water. To better understand the significance of this world record, we took a closer look and also explore whether this innovative system can be the impetus for a new energy revolution.


14 tips on how to showcase your website credentials
Today, a company can no longer survive without a web presence. The need for web designers and developers will therefore continue to increase, but of course the competition does not sleep either. For this reason, it is even more important that your website contains a meaningful portfolio of your work, in order to stand out from other agencies or web designers. The colleagues of WPMUDEV have 14 measures and tips for you, how you put your WordPress references best in scene.


25 of the most common mistakes with large WP sites
As your business scales and your WordPresssite becomes larger and more complex, various technical issues can arise. This is because many business owners forget to prepare their website for the growing demands, such as high traffic and increasing traffic. Mario Peshev shows you the 25 most common sources of error of large WordPress sites and how you can best avoid them.


With "Delete Me" you can prepare yourself for the GDPR
An important part of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force in Mai 2018, is the "right to be forgotten" (GDPR, Article 17). The WordPress-plugin "Delete Me" can help you to implement this requirement. Because: with the plugin site admins can give all users, or only certain user roles, the right to delete their own account - including their posts, links and comments - with a few clicks.

An initiative for secure code in WordPress
XWP has announced a new project called "Tide". The aim of the project is to create more transparency regarding the security of WP extensions by checking the code quality of plugins and themes and integrating a "Tide Score" in the official plugin- and theme- directory. The WordPress community is also to be involved in the project, which is supported by Google and Automattic , among others.


How to become part of the WordPress Slack community
There are many ways to get involved in the WordPress community. However, there's one thing you won't be able to get around: Slack. That's because the popular messaging service is not only used to hold meetings, but also to plan and coordinate entire WordPress projects so that everyone worldwide can participate in the development of our favorite CMS. Since signing up is a bit cumbersome, Angelika Reisiger provides a helpful step-by-step guide on how to become part of the WP Slack community.

The session videos from WCCGN are online
You couldn't be at WordCamp Cologne or the talks you're most interested in ran in parallel? No problem - just watch the sessions online! We were there with the talks "WP-Workflow optimization for local development", "Beyond Page Speed", "How to deal with difficult clients" and "holacracy - Get rid of the bosses".

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