WP News: The right use of orga tools & when SEO factors lead to wrong conclusions.

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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We hope you survived the holidays and the turn of the year well and are ready for a successful 2018. Although it has been relatively quiet in the WordPress world so far, we have some news for you: The BLOO:CON and the #RBBIC in Münster are just around the corner and the discussion about the new Gutenberg editor continues. In addition, we show you practical tools that you can use to better organize your WordPress projects.

WP News: The right use of orga tools & when SEO factors lead to wrong conclusions.

These Orga Tools Make Life Easy for WP Pros

Whether you're an entrepreneur, web designer or agency, more and more people are discovering the benefits of organizational and management tools. However, if you sign up head over heels for dozens of apps and programs, you're more likely to harm productivity than improve it. That's why Lea from WP agency elsch&fink shows you which tools really make you and your team more productive and how to use them correctly.


Gutenberg-discussion has caught fire again
Since WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg 's "State of the Word" speech at WordCamp US, the discussion about the new Gutenberg editor has continued to grow. The colleagues at WP Tavern have compiled a collection of current Gutenberg sources.


Get tickets for BLOO:CON and #RBBIC
On February 7, BLOO:CON will take place in Münster, Germany, hosted by the online marketing agency Bloofusion. This is not a typical SEO conference. The event is aimed at people who do not deal with SEO/SEA on a daily basis, but who are still open to and responsible for online marketing. For more networking, the first RAIDBOXES Best-in-Class Workshop will be held on February 8. Do you run a WordPress agency with at least five employees? Then secure one of the limited placesnow !


Why SEO factors often lead to wrong interpretations
Rand Fishkin, co-founder of the SEO company "MOZ", explains in his video in an understandable way which wrong conclusions you should better avoid from the correlation between SEO measures and your Google ranking.

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"Good Design is Inclusive Design"
Inclusivity and accessibility are topics that are becoming increasingly important in order to make the Internet accessible to everyone. In the WordPress community, there is even an accessibility team that systematically reviews and removes potential barriers. Also WordPress .com is committed to inclusivity and has a
Checklist created for you to consider as a designer.

The most popular design tools in 2017
Taylor Palmer asked almost 2000 designers and web developers which design tools they prefer to use for specific tasks. The pleasing result: "pen and paper" remains the most popular tool for brainstorming and idea generation. The other results of the surveyare also interesting.

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