WP-News: Coping with high WordPress traffic & Gutenberg needs a new name

Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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WP-News #51

Over the past two weeks, Gutenberg has once again taken center stage in the WP community. More and more WP users are concerned with the block system and the impact of the Gutenberg integration on the WordPress ecosystem. Furthermore, a discussion has been sparked whether "Gutenberg" is even a suitable name for the new editor. And we show you why is WordPress also the right choice for high-trafficsites .

WP-News: Coping with high WordPress traffic & Gutenberg needs a new name

High-Traffic with WordPress ? - No problem!

WordPress may have started out as a small content management system for bloggers, but today our favorite CMS has much more to offer. Large, high-traffic websites such as the one of the TIME Magazine or the White House run successfully on WordPress . With WooCommerce-Plugin and the right high-traffic hosting, even larger online shops are no problem for WordPress . We'll show you how your WP site can also get over 75,000 calls per minute withoutwithout getting on its knees.


How to create your first Gutenberg block
WordPress -Developer Bill Erickson describes his first attempt to create his own Gutenberg block using sample code. The biggest hurdle was his insufficient knowledge of JavaScript. For this reason his conclusionIt truly is time to 'Learn Javascript Deeply' to keep up with future WordPress development".

Two days - Two maintenance updates
Only one day after the maintenance update to 4.9.3, WordPress 4.9.4 was released. The reason for this is a bug that prevents the automatic update of the WP version. If you use the auto-update function, you have to update your site manually to 4.9.4. As a RAIDBOXES customer, however, you don't have to take action - we've already taken care of your update to 4.9.4.

Is Gutenberg the end of the page builder?
The discussion about the new Gutenberg editor and the evolution of WordPress to a block-based CMS is ongoing. The question what this development means in the long run for Plugin- and Theme-developers as well as pagebuilders like "Divi" or "Beaver Builder" is very obvious. Geno Quiroz has asked some WordPress -businesses about this topic and has received surprisingly positive answers +.

Does Gutenberg need a new name?
Morten Rand-Hendriksen has called on the WP community to find another name for the new Gutenberg editor. Especially after the integration into WP-Core, the name would lead to confusion for new WordPress users. Since Gutenberg will become the default editor, there would be no reason to treat it like an "add-on feature". The opinions on this differ, however.


Your introduction to the Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics provides valuable insights - However, you get even more useful data if you also use the Google Tag Manager. The simple integration of code snippets makes more complex tracking tasks such as heat maps or remarketing possible. The colleagues from MOZ have a detailed guide in their luggage, which will make the Getting started easier.


"Revenue doesn't mean s**t!"
At least that's what Lisa Sabin Wilson, CMO of the WebDevStudios agency. According to Wilson, revenue isn't the key metric. It's more important to build a system that makes each of your projects profitable. One of these support systems is, for example, a clearly defined cost and schedule for each project. For more tips on how to stay profitable as a WordPress service provider, listen to the MattReport podcast.


Over 2,000 WP sites infected with cryptominers
Once again, over 2,000 WP sites have been infected with keyloggers and cryptomining code. The attackers injected malicious scripts into the WordPress database and generated cryptocurrency at the cost of the attacked sites cryptocurrency generated. The malicious code was disguised as Google Analytics or jQuery.

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