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WP News: Attracting the best employees & the question of the Gutenberg Merge

There has been a lot of Gutenberg news in the past two weeks. Version 2.2 has been released and questions about the merge of the editor into the WP core are piling up. Sucuri has also discovered attacks on WP sites with hidden plugins. And we show you how you can win the heart of Generation Yeven as a small employer.

WP News: Attracting the best employees & the question of the Gutenberg Merge

How to attract the best employees with few resources

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract young professionals and, above all, to retain them in the long term. This shortage of qualified junior staff is noticeable in many sectors. Agencies and small companies in particular often lose out in the so-called "war for talent". We show you what Generation Y has to do with this development and how you, even as a smaller employer, can increase your chances of success in the battle for the best minds.


Is Gutenberg ready for the merge?
Wondering when the new editor will be integrated into WP core? You are not alone with this question. An overview of the most important implemented and pending features gives a clue, but no clear answers. With that, Gutenberg co-lead Matias Ventura has sparked another discussion about when Gutenberg can be integrated into the core as a "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP).

Gutenberg 2.2 brings "Block Nesting"
The Gutenberg update to version 2.2 brings a number of new features - including the ability to nest blocks, which many have requested. With this feature, more complex layouts can be created. One example is the new column block in Gutenberg 2.2. However, this is an experiment for now, "as it needs further work and has some browser hiccups," writes Gutenberg co-lead Matias Ventura.

How to prepare your clients for WordPress 5.0
Many WordPress users who are not active in the WP community will be surprised and possibly overwhelmed after the update to 5.0, when Gutenberg is "suddenly" the new default editor. Web designer Eric Karkovack shows you how to make the transition as easy as possible for your clients.


Website operators prepare for GDPR
Uncertainty about the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is growing. The colleagues of Elbnetz explain what you have to consider as a website operator to avoid being warned. The WordPress Core team is also working on a review and implementation of the requirements: In the new GDPR Compliance Chat we discuss what still needs to be done for a GDPR-compliant WordPress.

These are the e-commerce trends for 2018
Our podcast recommendation for store operators: Patrick Rauland and Scott Bolinger reveal their predictions on how e-commerce will change in 2018. Among other things, they talk about the importance of mobile shopping, the Internet of Things and voice search, and the role of Amazon. Of course, the two also have some tips for store operators in store.


Unwanted pop-ups through hidden WP plugins
Security expert Sucuri has discovered a wave of attacks where hackers gain access to WordPress sites and place plugins called "injectbody" and "injectscr". The malicious plugins, which do not show up in the WP admin panel, cause visitors to your site to get intrusive ad pop-ups as soon as they click anywhere on your site .

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