WP-News: 5 plugins for your image optimization & WordPress cracks the 30 percent

Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

Just before your well-deserved weekend we have the WP news of the past two weeks for you. WordPress has reached an important milestone in terms of market share. In addition, you have the chance to get a ticket for the WordCamp Retreat in Soltau on Friday. And we'll show you five popular WordPress -Plugins, which will do the image optimization for you completely.

5 WordPress -Plugins for image compression.

Automate your image optimization with these Plugins

When optimizing your load time, every millisecond you can save is a success. After all, a faster load time has a positive effect on the user experience of your site visitors, your search engine ranking and ideally your conversions. It is all the more surprising how many WordPress users neglect image compression. That's why we show you five popular WordPress -Plugins, which make optimizing your images a breeze.


Tickets for the WordCamp Retreat are available again.
From May 4 to 6, a WordCamp in retreat format will take place in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide. That means: Beside the sessions and the contributing there will be common activities like beach volleyball, hiking, geocaching or yoga. If you want to be there, you should get your ticket fast. Friday (March 9th) at 12:00 the ticket sale the second round.

WordPress cracks the 30 percent barrier
According to a recent survey by W3Techs, our favorite CMS has reached another milestone: the analysis shows that 30 percent of the 10 million largest websites use WordPress . With 60.2 percent market share by now, WordPress continues to dominate the CMS market unchallenged.

Are your Plugins Gutenberg -compatible?
WordPress 5.0 is getting closer and more and more WP users are wondering if their Plugins and Themes will work properly with the new Gutenberg editor. For this reason Daniel Bachhuber has created a database where about 5.000 Plugins will be tested for their Gutenberg-compatibility. Everyone can register and test, so that the update to 5.0 goes as smoothly as possible.


How many Plugins are too many Plugins?
The colleagues of Torque dedicate themselves to an important topic: the "right" number of Plugins. They emphasize: "Too many plugins can lead to security breaches on your site, site crashes, bad performance, slow loading speeds, and more". For these reasons, at RAIDBOXES our infrastructure already ensures that you can save yourself large backup and cachingPlugins .

The "Have I Been Pwned" platform has been expanded
Security researcher Troy Hunt has added several million passwords to the database of his popular online service, Have I Been Pwned. If you use the site's email or password check, it will check within seconds to see if your information shows up in public hacks. Of course, if the check finds anything, you should change your password as soon as possible!

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What does the GDPR mean for web developers?
The General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on 25 May, brings new requirements for the collection, storage and use of personal data. Especially as a developer, it's important to know what personal data is, who and what is affected by the GDPR , and how it affects your work. Internet law expert Heather Burns has valuable tips, best practices and resources for you on this topic.

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