WordPress Newsletter #23

WP News: WCEU with more than 2500 livestream tickets & WP security myths

Slowly we are starting to prepare for WordCamp Europe. Next week we'll be heading to Paris. If you would like to be there, you have the chance to win one of five tickets today and tomorrow. The WCEU organizers are also giving away nearly 3000 free streaming tickets. And we dispel a myth about WordPress security.

Win your ticket for WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe 2017 is getting closer and closer. From 15 to 17 June, over 3000 WordPress lovers are expected in Paris. And you can be there. Secure one of five tickets for the biggest WordPress event in Europe today at Raidboxes\.

That's why your site is also relevant for hackers.

When it comes to WordPress security, there are a few myths. One of them is that small sites with little reach and no databases full of sensitive data are not relevant targets for hacker attacks. A dangerous fallacy. Because the wide distribution of WordPress alone makes WP sites particularly interesting as targets. No matter how large or "important" site is. We show you why you should always be concerned about the security of your WordPress websites and how hackers basically proceed.

Free streaming tickets for WordCamp Europe

The regular tickets for WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris are officially sold out. But even those who can't be there on site don't have to miss any of the great sessions: Once again, the WCEU organizers are giving away almost 3000 free streaming tickets to make the event accessible to every WordPress lover worldwide. So you can watch all the sessions of the biggest WordPress event ever live even if you can't be there in Paris.

What is actually fast?

Long loading times are a real mood killer. However, the SpeedPerception study is trying to find out what website visitors really perceive as fast or slow. This is a crowdsourcing project that looks at the perception of loading speeds of above-the-fold content. The goal of the study is to provide the web performance community with a dataset and corresponding analysis as a benchmark for future studies of loading time perception.

According to the study, the perspective of the research is special because it focuses on the visual user experience rather than traditional metrics such as 'Time to First Byte'. Participants in the SpeedPerception Challenge are presented with two videos of page loads and rate which one they perceive as faster in each case. We are looking forward to the results.

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In an interview with WP Tavern colleagues, Evan You, the developer of Vue.js, comments on last week's Vue.js vs. React debate.

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