WordPress Newsletter #27

WP News: The thing with the 'German Bubble' & Gutenberg Beta 2

The updates for the beta of the new WordPress editor Gutenberg seem to come one after the other now, because also last week a new version of the beta was released. Also, the community talks about the phenomenon of the 'German Bubble'. And WordCamp Nederland will make a comeback in 2018.

Gutenberg Updates come one after the other

Last Friday, the second beta update for the new WordPress editor Gutenberg was released. It brings some useful innovations, but mainly serves to unify the code and optimize the user interface. And indeed, the new features for authors make working with Gutenberg even faster and more intuitive. However, important publisher functions, such as the integration of SEO plugins, are still missing.

Let the 'German Bubble' burst!

Felix Arntz addresses in his latest blog post what others have already observed: The 'German Bubble' of the German WordPress community is hard to penetrate for non-Germans. What Arntz means by this is the fact that even at international WordCamps, Germans tend to stay among themselves - and thus in their comfort zone. Community members speaking other languages tend to be excluded as a result.

Arntz appeals for WordCamps to be seen less as a class reunion of the German bubble and more as an international community event. The comments in the article suggest that some Germans welcome this concern. Caspar Hübinger, for example, is one of them. And even those who actually have nothing against the 'German Bubble' per se criticize that we Germans rarely switch to English as soon as someone non-German joins us. Perhaps things will work out better at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade in 2018. Even if we Germans are "just a funny bunch of people" 😉 ...

WordCamp Netherlands returns

Next year there will probably be another WordCamp Nederland. In March 2017, the application for a WCNL was rejected because the WordPress Community Support had decided that there should only be city-based WordCamps. Regional WordCamps such as WCUS and WCEU are exempt from this rule. This rule has now been relaxed, but the comeback of WordCamp Nederland is conditional. Organizers are already allowed to start planning, but there must first be three city-based WordCamps in the Netherlands before WCNL 2018 can take place.  

More news at a glance

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