WP News: Arguably the biggest and most primitive threat to WordPress & WP and the Internet of Things

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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WordPress  Newsletter #28
Last updated 10/23/2020

The past week has been rather quiet. But we start with a not at all quiet topic: Brute Force attacks, probably the biggest danger for your WordPress -WordPress - projects (which fortunately is very easy to deal with). We also take a look at the role of WordPress in the Internet of Things and a campaign by Automattic, which yesterday in the USA was about nothing less than the future of the free Internet.

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Brute Force Attacks: One of the biggest and most primitive dangers for WordPress

900 million times WordPress sites in May 2017 alone were victims of so-called Brute Force attacks. And as the number of WordPress -based websites increases, so does the risk of your WordPress projects falling victim to such an attack. While the sheer numbers make Brute Force attacks a real danger, in practice you can defend yourself against the automated attacks relatively easily. We have the most important facts for you.

WP News: Arguably the biggest and most primitive threat to WordPress  & WP and the Internet of Things

WordPress and the Internet of Things

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) describes the development towards networking internet-capable devices with each other, for example in the home or in industry. Since around 28.3 percent of the 10 million largest websites are currently running at WordPress , we are investigating the Nick Schäferhoff investigates the exciting question of what role WordPress will play in this and what dangers the IoT will bring with it.

Simple gimmicks, such as lighting up a lamp every time a new sale or comment is made, can be implemented right now using various tools in WordPress . With the help of the WP REST API, which was specifically designed to integrate WordPress with external services, far more complex applications of the IoT will probably be possible in the future.

WP News: Arguably the biggest and most primitive threat to WordPress  & WP and the Internet of Things

Automattic in the fight for net neutrality

On Wednesday, a protest was held in the protest for the preservation of net neutrality took place. Because the US federal agency Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning to abolish net neutrality again, even though it was only protected by the Democrats in 2015. by the Democrats. For example, internet providers are currently not allowed to favour services or content over others by providing them with more bandwidth. If the FCC succeeds with its plan, it could mean that a kind of two-tier internet emerges in the US. Yesterday, WordPress users were able to protest by using Automattic's custom-built "Fight for Net Neutrality" tool. "Fight for Net Neutrality Plugin" to join the digital protest.

More news at a glance

Call of the WCEU 2018 Orga-Team
The organizers of WordCamp Europe 2018 are still looking for organizers for the tasks Communications, Community, Design, Local, Public Relations, Photography, Speakers, Sponsors and Volunteers.

WPCampus 2017: Free Livestream
The second WPCampus event will take place in Buffalo, USA, on July 14-15. The vision of the annual conference is "to advance higher education by providing a support structure and wealth of knowledge for anyone who uses, or is interested in using, WordPress in the world of higher education." The sessions you can watch for free in the livestream. Due to the time difference, the first session will start at 15:30 instead of 9:30.

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