WordPress Newsletter #29

WP News: News from the Core Team, WordPress Attack Report for June & 7 Measures against Brute Force Attacks

Last week there was - what a surprise - a new update of the Gutenberg editor. The jump to version 0.5.0, however, brings with it some noteworthy innovations. In addition, the Wordfence security report from June once again focuses on the danger of brute force attacks. We show you how you can protect yourself against this popular type of attack.

7 Measures against brute force attacks

Brute force attacks: They are by far the most frequent type of attack on WordPress websites worldwide. The probability of being caught in the hackers' crosshairs is therefore very high. Fortunately, you can protect yourself effectively against attackers with just a few measures. We show you four quick and easy protective mechanisms. And three other measures that are a little more difficult to implement.

In principle, all brute force protection works in the same way: it prevents attackers from trying out passwords and user names en masse. The absolutely most important thing is therefore always a strong password, i.e. one that is long and as random as possible. And together with two-factor authentication, you completely take the wind out of the sails of brute force attacks.

More security news

Wordfence June Security Report
The June 2017 WordPress Attack Report brings interesting results: In June, there were on average 36 percent more attacks than in Mai. According to Wordfence , the reason for this is probably a botnet of WLAN routers, which has been actively attacking again since mid-June after a downtime in Mai .

Also your site is interesting for hackers

No matter how small and supposedly insignificant your site is, it is still interesting for hackers. The approach of most attackers can be described with three Is: Inform, identify and infiltrate. Since attacks on websites tend to increase compared to previous years, you should know how the most common attacks work so that you can basically protect yourself from them.

WordPress News

Plans for the theme review process
In a meeting between the Core Team and Matt Mullenweg, plans were discussed for optimizing the theme review process. For example, theme developers will be responsible for compliance with the GPL guidelines themselves in the future, so that the review team is relieved and the overall process is accelerated. In addition, there will only be one team lead, who will be able to make decisions and delegate tasks.

Gutenberg 0.5.0 brings drag-and-drop for images
The update to Gutenberg 0.5.0 was released at the end of last week. Among the notable new features is the ability to drag-and-drop images into an image block placeholder. And there is a new "Recent-Tab". This suggests the eight most recently used block types when inserting a new block.

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