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WP News: The latest Google performance tool in test & the choice for web hoster of the year

Last week, with a one-day delay, the update to WordPress 4.8.1 was released. In addition, Raidboxes was nominated for Webhoster of the Year in the CMS Hosting category. And we take a critical look at the new Google tool Test My Site and show you how to use it properly.

WP News: The latest Google performance tool in test & the choice for web hoster of the year

Testing Test My Site: What is the new Google tool good for?

87 minutes - that's how long Germans spend surfing the Internet on mobile devices every day on average. And according to Google, mobile usage is growing inexorably in all parts of the world. Since the end of last year, the search engine giant has been taking this trend into account with a new tool, introducing Test My Site after PageSpeed Insights and Webpagetest. The current update of the tool is the perfect opportunity to take a close look at TMT. We show what the mobile performance test can do, how you can use it, and why it is not entirely altruistic.

Performance News

Raidboxes nominated for Webhoster of the Year
This time, first of all, a performance topic on our own behalf: Also this year, Raidboxes is nominated for the audience award "Webhoster of the Year" in the category CMS hosting. So if you're happy with our performance, give us your vote, tell your friends and colleagues and help us top our second place from 2017!

How to get around AdBlockers?
Want to monetize your WordPress website, but various AdBlockers are throwing a wrench in your plans? WPMU DEV explain you how to deal with this problem without annoying your customers.

Security News

How hackers find a new WordPress website in 30 minutes
The security provider Wordfence shows how hackers can identify and attack new WordPress sites within 30 minutes without being noticed. And you will learn how to protect yourself from such WP setup attack.

WordPress News

WordPress.com opens up for plugins and themes
It's probably the most important development in years: WordPress.com has now officially opened up for plugins and themes from the WP community. For years it was not possible for site owners to use third-party extensions. The opening additionally comes with a support service. This step has the potential to thoroughly turn the hosting landscape upside down.

WordPress 4.8.1
With a day's delay, the update to WordPress 4.8.1 was released last week. The new version brings 29 fixes and improvements, such as a new HTML widget. The pages of Raidboxes-customers were updated right after the release, as usual.

2017 Sessions online
From July 14-15, WPCampus 2017 took place in Buffalo, USA, which aims to promote collaboration between WordPress and universities. The sessions and slides are now available online.

Wanted: Case Studies from WP Agencies
With the help of a
survey, the WP Marketing team is looking for successful case studies and WordPress projects from agencies working with WordPress. "Helping all of us understand the way agencies are using WordPress, and moving towards a future that supports that" is the goal of the survey.

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