WordPress Newsletter #34

WP News: Warning message on HTTP pages in Chrome & WordPress single sign-on

Last week, Google announced that HTTP pages will be marked as "not secure" as of October. In addition, a ransomware is wreaking havoc on WordPress sites. And we have a new feature that will save you time and trouble, especially when managing many pages.

WP News: Warning message on HTTP pages in Chrome & WordPress single sign-on

SSO: Login with just one click

This week's news starts with a note on our own behalf. Since we had the idea for Raidboxes three years ago, it was clear that our hosting should make the administration and handling of WordPress faster, easier and more time-saving.

After features like staging and our integrated backup system, the WordPress Single Sign On (SSO) is now a new important component to make your daily work with WordPress even more stress-free. Especially if you manage a lot of sites, the WordPress SSO will save you time and nerves. And this is how it works ...

Performance News

This is why you should never do without a post image
According to WPMU DEV, a WordPress post without a post image (also called a "featured image" or "post thumbnail") is like a store counter with no one standing there to greet potential customers. So if you understand that images, as representatives of content, play a hugely important role in the user experience, you have a clear advantage.

Make your WP-site faster with these 13 tips
Finn Hillebrandt has compiled a list of 13 measures to optimize the load time of your WordPress-site . There are helpful tips for WP beginners as well as advanced users.

Security News

Rising threat to WP sites from ransomware
The security provider Wordfence is currently warning of increasing ransomware attacks on WordPress sites. Attackers encrypt all your data and demand a ransom payment to decrypt it. Especially outdated WordPress installations, plugins and themes make it possible for attackers to place such malicious code. It is precisely for these situations that an automated WordPress backup system is enormously important.

From October, HTTP pages in Chrome will be "not secure"
Operators of HTTP pages have received notification from Google that their pages will be marked as "NOT SECURE" with the update to Chrome 62 in early October. The warning is especially triggered on HTTP pages that contain fields for passwords, credit card information or other sensitive data.

WordPress News

Facebook does not change license for React

For weeks, many members of the open source community hoped for a change in the "BSD+Patents License" for React after the Apache Software Foundation banned it. Since React has been discussed as a promising candidate for the new JavaScript framework for WP core (and WordPress projects like Gutenberg are built on it), this decision could have a massive impact on WordPress.

Why Gutenberg is a revolution for WordPress

At first, Morten Rand-Hendriksen - like many other WP users - was rather skeptical about the Gutenberg editor. Today his insight is: "This is a revolution. This is a watershed moment for WordPress. This is entirely new and fundamentally different from how WordPress works and how we work with it today. I connot overstate it enough when I say this changes everything".

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