WP News: Novel danger for WP websites & hellish customers

After our abstinence last week, this time we have brought back the full load of WP news. With the first beta of the new WordPress 4.9, tips on how to deal with hellish customers and a new kind of danger for WordPress websites.


Xavier, Belle and Will you want to get rid of!

They take up a lot of your nerves and productive time, threaten you with lawsuits or bad reviews: Customers from hell can make your life a living hell. Especially if you develop and support your product alone or with a small team. Zachary Skaggs from WP Ninjas - with the flowery title "Director of Happyness" - shows how he dealt with three types of hellish customers.


Accelerated Mobile Pages in beautiful: AMP themes

With its Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google has provided publishers with an extremely fast content delivery option. However, the additional mobile optimization not only comes with a greater dependence on Google, but also with design-related restrictions. Now there are providers that address this issue with special AMP themes, offering the page owner more control and design options for Google's mobile format.

On our own account: Raidboxes with silver at the CMS-hostof the year

Every year hosttest.de chooses the public favorites among the hosters. In 2017, we can not only be happy about a second place in the category CMS-host , but also about the 100% uptime seal! Definitely a reason to celebrate. That's why we have extended our Fully Managed promotion until October 15!


Spam in a familiar guise

The case of Display Widgets and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugins shows: plugin sales or takeovers pose a threat to site owners. In the worst case, the wrong people can gain access to thousands of WordPress installations. In the most recent case, a spammer used several plugins to send out advertisements for so-called payday loans. The security provider Wordfence was even able to trace the case back to 2013.

Save the Date: Chrome 62 is coming!

The latest version of the Google browser brings an important innovation: a security warning for non-encrypted websites. In the previous version, Chrome had already introduced the "Not secure" warning for pages without an SSL certificate that requested sensitive data such as credit card information. The warning is now extended to all pages with an input field - no matter what data is requested. A simple search field is therefore sufficient to generate a warning. The expected release date of Chrome 62 is 24 October.


The Incubator Program is back

The WordCamp Icubator Program is going into the next round in 2018. Local communities are supported by experienced members of the global community in organizing WordCamps. In 2016, the program organized WordCamps in Indonesia, Colombia, and Zimbabwe.

WordPress 4.9

On October 5, the first beta for the new WP version 4.9 was released. According to Product Lead Matt Mullenweg, the update will primarily bring user-centric innovations and improvements: The focus is on code editing, plugin- and theme- management as well as the improvement of existing features.

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