WP-News: 120+ WordPress Cheat Sheets & Why maintenance pages are useless

Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

This week we have news about the first betas of the new WordPress version 4.9. In addition, the colleagues from Hootproof show why you should rather do without the maintenance mode when revising your WordPress projects and we show how you can accelerate your landing pages with Google AMP.


Down with the maintenance side

Maintenance pages are a great thing in principle. If you have to work on site because it no longer works properly or you have to make changes, the user gets the impression: Something is happening here. The offer is not accessible, but those responsible are working on it. And that's why maintenance pages are only a great thing in principle. Wouldn't it be better if the site remained available during problems, tests and redesigns and could continue to generate visitors and sales? This is exactly what Michelle, founder of the WP support service provider Hootproof deals with in her latest post and shows how Staging massively simplifies the development and maintenance of your sites .

Cheat Sheets ftw!
What were the most important commands for the WordPress REST API again? What are the most handy shortcuts for the WordPress editor? And what was the name of that one CSS element again? The WordPress blog code in WP has more than 120 cheat sheets where you will not only find a lot of help for your daily work, but also a lot of inspiration.


Landing pages with Google AMP

Especially in the mobile advertising sector, speed is the top priority for websites. With its Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP for short, Google has created an extremely fast content delivery system for mobile users. So it only makes sense to use Google's fast servers for landing pages as well. The colleagues from Template Toaster give a good outline of the basic info.


Hiding is not a safety concept

Security Through Obscurity is the concept behind measures like the hiding the WP admin area are hidden. In and of itself, that's a nice idea, but it's just not a meaningful security concept. David Hayes from WP-Shout shows why masking your WordPress site is a waste of time. is a waste of time.

WordPress Attack Report September

The security provider Wordfence, whose Plugin is currently in use on more than two million WordPress sites worldwide, publishes its WordPress Attack Report every month. The figures are a good approximation and show how the security situation in the WordPress universe changes. For example, September was a relatively quiet month: There was a decrease of up to 45 percent in the number of certain types of attacks.


Gutenberg 1.4 with HTML mode

Updates for the new WordPress editor Gutenberg are actually available on a weekly basis. The editor is to be prepared step by step for its core integration in WordPress 5. With the latest update Gutenberg has now got the option to edit the content of blocks directly in HTML mode. Matias Ventura presents all new features and a roadmap for the upcoming updates in the Gutenberg blog blog. Matt Mullenweg's goal of 100,000 active Gutenberg installs is still a long way off. Just over 2,000 sites are currently actively using the editor.

WordPress 4.9 - Beta 2

In the meantime, the second beta for the new WP version 4.9 has been released. The update, which is expected to be released on November 14, 2017, mainly revolves around the Usability and customizability of the CMS.

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