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WP-News: WordPress 5.4 is here & our action for #SupportYourLocals portals

Today's WP News is of course about the brand new WordPress 5.4 and the Gutenberg editor. We also take a look at how 20 entrepreneurs from the WordPress community are coping with the current crisis situation. And we have a campaign in the bag with which we want to motivate web designers and agencies to launch online portals for local businesses. Are you with us? ?

WP-News: WordPress 5.4 is here & our action for #SupportYourLocals portals

Free hosting for #SupportYourLocals portals

After countless businesses had to close in times of the corona virus, we consumers are urged to rethink. As an agency or web designer, you can help: Get active and give local businesses in your city a digital face. We will host your project for at least 3 months for free! Learn more

WP-News: WordPress 5.4 is here & our action for #SupportYourLocals portals

WordPress 5.4: Social Icons, Buttons & more
WordPress 5.4 was released on 31 March. An overview: What does the version bring for users and developers? What functions and changes await you, especially in the Gutenberg block editor?

WP-News: WordPress 5.4 is here & our action for #SupportYourLocals portals

LinkedIn Marketing: How to win new customers
Whether social recruiting or employer branding - LinkedIn offers enormous potential for your marketing. Social media expert Katja Kupka explains how you can combine LinkedIn and content marketing in a targeted way, especially in the B2B sector.

An introduction to colour theory for web designers

Basic principles for harmonious web design
The first impression counts: In seconds, users know whether your website is worth visiting or not. Fortunately, there are tried and tested principles for orientation. Designer Sonja Hoffmann presents the most important principles.


How to switch to Gutenberg
WordPress 5.4 has also updated the block editor. If you were sceptical about Gutenberg before, now would be a good time to test the editor. The colleagues from Yoast show you how the change works smoothly. 

Create Block Variations in Gutenberg
The update to WordPress 5.4 brings the "Block Variations API" to WP-Core. With this you can create block variations, which are also displayed as own entries in the block inserter. Florian Brinkmann explains how to create variations here.

How WP businesses are dealing with Corona
CodeinWP asked 20 entrepreneurs from the WordPress community how the pandemic is affecting their business. The statements provide honest insights into the challenges and measures that shape everyday work in times of crisis.

New PHP Coding Standards for WordPress?
In favour of backwards compatibility, the 16-year-old WP codebase has changed very little. However, calls for modern coding standards are getting louder. Now there is a draft with a request for feedback from the community.

Online Marketing

Free course "Blogging for Business
The SEO experts at Ahrefs are making their popular online course "Blogging for Business" available for free due to the Corona crisisAccording to CMO Tim Soulo, the offer is intended to motivate people to continue their education and stay at home.

Elevator pitch: how to convince your target group
Many websites have a homepage full of buzzwords - but what the company behind them actually offers often remains a mystery. Felix Brodbeck reveals how you can optimise your homepage and win over your target group with a concise elevator pitch.

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