WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

Today we have the latest WP news for you: Matt Mullenweg discusses the future of page builders, the first WP Accessibility Day is coming up and Google is rolling out the May 2020 Core Update. In our magazine, we take a closer look at usability and user experience and show you how to produce really good social videos and take great photos with your smartphone. Camera down! ?

WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

UX Design & Web Usability: What's Behind User Experience?

Good user experience creates happy, loyal users - but what constitutes a positive user experience anyway? Where and how do I start to inspire my users? And is there a magic bullet for good usability? Designer Sonja Hoffmann reveals what user experience really is and why it is so important. Learn more

WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

Smarter photography: How to take professional pictures

Smartphone photography is not real photography? Not at all: Good pictures now come out of your pocket. Johannes Mairhofer has the best professional hacks up his sleeve for your next session. Have fun trying them out!

WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

10 tips for your social video marketing

Social videos provide more interaction and reach - even with a small budget. Katja Kupka shares the best ideas and formats to make your video content stand out, not only on the top dogs YouTube and Facebook.

WP-News: New Google Core Update & Tips for better UX Design

Annie - New in our marketing team

Up to now, Torben, Leefke and Michael have been taking care of our marketing. Since April, we have had energetic design and content support in the form of Annie. Since the newsletter will soon be written by her, we introduce Annie to you in this interview.


Save the Date: First WP Accessibility Day announced
What does an accessible website actually look like? How can I test my website for accessibility? And are there accessible WordPress themes? Answers to these questions can be found at the WP Accessibility Day - find out more about the online event here

Matt Mullenweg on the future of WordPress
WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg answered questions from the participants of WordCamp Spain 2020 in a virtual Q&A session. The questions revolved around the future of page builders and themes, security features in WP Core and much more.

Online Marketing

Google May 2020 Core Update - What to do now
On 4. Mai 2020 Google published its new Core Update - and has meanwhile rolled it out completely. SEO expert Neil Patel reveals what the update means for your traffic and why you should check your rankings now.

Social media censorship: blogs and blocked content
"There is still room enough in the network for certain nodes to grow in size and influence based on the quality of their content," writes Chris Maiorana of WP Tavern. Find out how blogs still function in times of algorithmic bias here.

WP-plugin for privacy-compliant visitor statistics
The plugin Koko Analytics enables you to analyse your visitor statistics in accordance with GDPR. It does not process personal data and does not use external services. A test report, including a comparison with Statify, can be found at perun.net.

Web design & development

Lockdown recommendation: Affinity Creative Sessions 2020
Looking for inspiration and a festival feeling? At Mai , a total of 31 creatives share exciting work insights and free design tutorials. The premiere is daily at 5pm on Affinity's official YouTube channel. Join us and learn new tricks - it's worth it!

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