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WP-News: Adobe Creative Cloud Updates & WordPress Checklist

Today we have the latest WP news for you: Adobe releases updates for the Creative Cloud, Simon Kraft shares an ultimate checklist for WordPress and WordCamp Europe was a great success. In our magazine, we take a closer look at the trend medium podcast and the Netflix principle and show 10 measures with which you can optimize your WordPress performance. Let's go! ⚡️

Optimize WordPress performance: 10 important levers

The fuller your WordPress is with media, Plugins, widgets etc., the more usability and SEO success suffer. But how do you find bottlenecks and unnecessary ballast on your website? And where do you start troubleshooting? We show you which 10 adjustments you have to make in order to turn your WordPress website a Ferrari. Learn more

New: Our WordPress magazine to listen to - as audio contribution

New: Our WordPress magazine to listen to

The most popular contributions from wp unboxed are now also available to your ears: We share the first audio posts, reveal everything about the implementation and show how we increase our reach with audio content.

Subscription business model

How to set up a successful subscription business model

Netflix & Co. are leading the way: Subscription business models. But how does a subscription business actually work? How to design a suitable subscription offer and find the right pricing model shows Jan Tissler. Happy Selling!

Podcasts with WordPress

How to start a podcast using WordPress

Every fourth person European listens to a podcast every now and then. The right time to get involved yourself. Felix Brodbeck explains everything you need to know: from the idea to the release of your first podcast episode.


WordPress gets integrated sitemap feature
With the next update, WordPress will get a feature that takes over the basic requirements of a sitemap. Why sitemaps are important for SEO and what the feature is about, you can read in the blog post by Pascal Birchler.

Highlights of the first virtual WordCamp Europe 2020
In her talk at the recent WordCamp Europe, Miriam Schwab shares ideas to secure the future of our favorite CMS for many years to come. Missed the lecture series? Check out the official WCEU YouTube channel for all the session videos.

WordPress -checklist - a quick self-test for your website
Improve formatting, SEO, performance, accessibility and security of your website easily yourself: WP developer Simon Kraft has created a helpful checklist that you can use to regularly check your WordPress website .

Online Marketing

Are your rankings suffering from keyword cannibalism?
Several articles on a website rank for the same keyword and compete with each other: Keyword cannibalism is a common SEO problem. The experts at SEMrush explain how to check your site , fix mistakes and avoid internal competition in advance.

SEO Toolkit: 11 practical helpers for better rankings
SEO is complex and time-consuming - but with selected tools like Ubersuggest, it's much easier to identify and improve the gaps in your website. Neil Patel introduces you to the 11 best SEO tools that will save you time and effort.

Web design & development

Adobe Creative Cloud updates for better collaboration
Adobe is releasing updates to Creative Cloud with a number of new features in the areas of video, image editing and UX design. In keeping with the current Corona situation, the changes make it easier for distributed teams to collaborate.

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