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WP-News: Web Accessibility, UI Patterns & the best WordPress Page Builders

Today we have the latest WP news for you: The WordPress 5.5 beta is fun, web accessibility is more important than ever and WordCamp badges are still under discussion. In our magazine, we take a closer look at the most popular WordPress page builders, give you an introduction to UI design patterns and explain how to effectively prevent DDoS attacks. Have fun reading! ?

WordPress -Page-Builder

8 Most Popular WordPress Page Builders Compared

Coding was yesterday: With WordPress page builders like Elementor , Oxygen & Co. you can create a high-quality, individual website within minutes. We'll introduce you to 8 different of these building blocksPlugins , with which you can manage elements - such as galleries, texts and videos - simply by dragging and dropping. Learn more

UI Patterns

UI design patterns and how to use them

No need to reinvent the wheel: UI patterns offer solutions for many common usability problems. Sonja Hoffmann shows how design patterns make sense and how they facilitate your own and user's workflow.

DDoS Attack

Attention DDoS attack: How to protect yourself from it

DDoS attacks are increasing and becoming more complex. But how do you prevent such an attack? Nick Schäferhoff explains the threats to your site and how you can protect yourself in advance.

social media comparison

Facebook Ads: These 9 KPIs you should track

Running Facebook Ads is one thing. But checking relevant metrics of your ad campaign on a daily basis is another. Sven Scheuerle presents the 9 most important KPIs for measuring social media success.


WordPress 5.5 Beta available for testing
WordPress 5.5 is in the starting blocks. The beta version was released on July 7. A long-awaited feature: Navigation Blocks. In addition, the major update brings a whole range of new functions for Gutenberg - including Block Patterns.

The good thing about WordCamp badges, and the catch
Just this month, WordPress cracked the 37.6 percent market share worldwide. The WP community can take credit for that success. But who gets a participation badge, when and for what, if all volunteers contribute equally?

Online Marketing

Case Study: Thinking beyond link building campaigns
How does link building work today? And how can we make link building campaigns more sustainable, efficient and effective in the future? An exciting case study from MOZ with honest mistakes and fresh approaches for your marketing strategy.

Web design & development

Image management with the WordPress Real Media Library
Piles of pictures, no proper sorting - that's about how many users would describe the media management in WordPress . But the WordPress Real Media Library brings order to the image chaos, doesn't it? The experts from Dr. Web draw a conclusion.

Why accessibility is not an add-on in the design process
Inclusive design on the web, accessibility and accessibility - if accessibility is only considered at the end of a project, the effort for retrofitting is much greater. Find out how to include accessibility from the beginning here.


Increase Productivity: How to Get Organized (as a Freelancer)
Get shit done - or how to be truly productive instead of juggling a million different tasks: Freelancer Jason Chatfield shares proven techniques to keep you firmly in control of your time management, even as a creative mind.

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