WordPress News: Vulnerability in Divi & the 8 Most Popular Broken Link Checkers

Annie Sprengelmeyer Last updated on 23.10.2020
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Last updated on 23.10.2020

After the sunny weekend we have the latest WordPress news for you: WordPress 5.5 is coming soon, Elegant Themes reports vulnerability in Divi and the big guide for progressive web Apps with WordPress . In our magazine we show you how to detect performance sins, expose broken links on your website and create an XML sitemap in WordPress. Enjoy reading! ✌️

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- So many US dollars faces Twitter for misusing user's personal data..

PageSpeedInsights blog

The Importance of Website Speed & PageSpeed Insights

The underestimated factor for better user experience and better SEO rankings is and remains speed. Joshua Schofield from rankingCoach explains why fast loading times are so important, how to uncover PageSpeed Insights optimization potential - and gives you 7 tips for better WordPress performance. Learn more

BrokenLink Blog

Broken Link Checker - the 8 most popular tools

Your links are going nowhere with a 404 error? Broken Link Checker help you to get these problems under control quickly. Our CMO Torben presents 8 tools and methods to find and fix broken links.

XML Sitemap Blog

How to create an XML Sitemap in WordPress

The easier search engines can index and crawl your website, the better. Why an XML sitemap makes sense for you, how to create it in and submit it to Google, explains Sven Scheuerle.

Phototravellers Blog

Phototravellers: How to make your blog successful

Starting a well-known blog and making a living from it - a dream of many bloggers. Biggi and Flo from Phototravellers have done it. In an interview, they reveal their recipe for success in making blogging their profession.  


WordPress 5.5: The update of the year - and your wish list for 5.6
August 11, the final release date of WordPress 5.5, is only one day ahead of us. What changes come with this version? Read through this guide to WordPress 5.5 to get all the details. Do you already have ideas for WP 5.6? Share your feedback now!

The future of WordCamps in times of a global crisis
The WordCamp US 2020 has been discontinued due to "zoom fatigue" and COVID-19 cancelled. Now the Global Community Team has announced that it will not accept any new flagship events until 2022. What will happen to planned events, you can read on WordPress.org.


Update quickly: Critical vulnerability found in Divi
Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Elegant Theme's popular WP products Divi, Extra and Divi Builder. You are using one of the themes or plugins? The experts from Wordfence explain how to fix the problem and protect your website..

Webdesign & Development

Here's how to turn your WordPress website into a progressive web app
To program and maintain a native app can be quite complex. Johannes Kinast shows you step by step how to convert your WordPress site into a progressive web app (PWA) and publish it in the Google Play Store.

Unsplash releases an official WordPress plugin
The Unsplash platform offers free, license-free stock images. Recently the service has also been available as plugin. As a WP user you can find over 1 million imagesDownload and add to the media library - without WordPress leaving.


5 TED talks that will make you a better designer
What qualities make the best designers? How can you rethink complex problems? And how do you fully exploit your creative potential? Grab your favourite drink and make yourself comfortable: this TED talks will help you reach the next design level!

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