WordPress News: jQuery Problems in WP 5.5 & the Perfect WordPress Development Workflow

Annie Sprengelmeyer Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

Today we have the latest WP news for you: Over 10,000 users have problems after the update to WordPress 5.5, the development of WP 5.6 is led by an all-female team and Learn WordPress is here. In our magazine we introduce you to a proven WordPress development workflow and show you how to stop spam comments and get more conversions in your online store. Enjoy! 🚀


- So many of the Germans are buying much more consciously since the Corona outbreak, according to an Adobe study.

WordPress News: jQuery Problems in WP 5.5 & the Perfect WordPress  Development Workflow

The Perfect WordPress Development Workflow with Git & SSH

You are looking for a fast, secure and efficient way to develop and maintain your WordPress site (n) and maintain it? Then this workflow with Git and SSH is perfect for you: Our Head of Development Matthias explains step by step how to bring your WP site from a local device to a server! Learn more


How to block WordPress spam comments

The WP-Plugin Antispam Bee keeps spam comments at bay. Unlike other solutions, the busy bee is even GDPR -compliant. We let Stefan Kremer from the plugin collective report about it.

Conversion Blog

Conversion optimisation: Increase your turnover

Traffic alone is often not the right measure of success: How many of your visitors really become customers? And how do you optimize the conversion rate? Nils Koppelmann gives you valuable tips for more conversions.

Jacob Blog

New at RAIDBOXES: Product Owner Jacob

Jacob has been on board as a product owner since mid-July. How he drives our dashboard in the agile team and bears great responsibility for the success of the development, Jacob tells you in a quick interview.


Problems after update to WP 5.5 and possible solutions
Having trouble with your site after updating to WordPress 5.5 because jQuery Migrate is disabled by default? Fortunately, there is a workaround: the Plugin Enable jQuery Migrate Helper developed by the Core Team serves as a temporary solution.

Women in Tech: WordPress 5.6 release schedule published
After WP 5.5, aka "Eckstine", you can look forward to the last big release of the year: WordPress 5.6. What the all-women team is planning - you can find out here. Eric Mann explains why it was high time for meritocracy.

Is it too early to drop PHP 5.6?
When will WordPress drop support for PHP 5.6? When will WordPress raise the PHP minimum version? This is currently being discussed by the Core Team. WP Tavern summarizes what we know so far about the future of PHP in WordPress .


WordPress Security: 10 mistakes you better not make
Mistakes happen. Only when it comes to the security of your WP site , you can't joke about it. The experts from Wordfence explain which common 10 mistakes you should avoid at all costs to keep your site secure.

Web design & development

WordPress Performance - the big 1×1
Which tools do I use to evaluate the performance of my website? What do I have to consider for my WP site in terms of hosting, WordPress and Themes ? Frontend developer Jessica Lyschik explains this and more in the WordPress Performance 1×1.

Learn WordPress is live: Free Workshops & Curriculums
Whether you're a first-time blogger or an experienced developer, there's always more to learn! From now on, you'll find lots of resources on our favorite CMS on the Learn WordPress platform - from the community, for the community.

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