WordPress News: WordPress SEO, EU-US Data Transfer & Why You Need a CDN

Annie Sprengelmeyer Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

As usual, you'll get the latest WP news today: WordPress 5.5. is further optimized, standard contract clauses are more important than ever after the Privacy Shield Aus and we have a tutorial on how to make your WP site fit for search engines. In our magazine we explain everything about content delivery networks, give tips for your content ideas and show you the WordPress comments section. 🚀

WordPress News: WordPress SEO, EU-US Data Transfer & Why You Need a CDN

- That's how much of our time on YouTube is driven by recommendation algorithms.

CDN Blog-New

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and when is it really useful?

You've already tweaked dozens of performance settings and still your loading times leave a lot to be desired? Most likely, latency times are the culprit. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help: We show you what it's all about and how a CDN improves load time, uptime and security. Learn more

Content Blog

Test and refine content ideas: This is how it works

If you're planning elaborate content, you want to know beforehand how good your idea is. And whether it's worth the effort. Jan Tissler has tips for refining your ideas and gaining your first readers.


Website monitoring with the BOX status

What is the CPU usage and RAM usage of my site ? How much memory is still free? Which cronjobs are running? The answers are provided by our website status monitoring: the BOX status.

WP Comments Blog

All about WordPress -comments

When it comes to comments in WordPress , opinions differ: Spam or valuable interaction channel? Johannes Mairhofer shows you how to moderate your comments and introduces you to the best WP-Plugins .


WordPress 5.5: First maintenance release is available
WordPress 5.5.1 was released on September 1. The maintenance release contains numerous bugfixes and improvements. As a RAIDBOXES customer you don't have to worry about anything: We have already rolled out the update for you.

Online Marketing

WordPress SEO: The complete guide for top rankings
WordPress SEO is extremely comprehensive, but not witchcraft. Michael Hörnlimann explains all the important steps - from keyword research, on-page SEO and WP settings to web hosting, off-page SEO, load time and performance to Google tools.

Web design & development

Instruction: Sort post navigation by name
You work a lot with Custom Post Types in WordPress and adjust the order here? Bernhard Kau explains step by step how you can also easily adjust the sorting of the post navigation.

Create color palettes: These 5 generators have it all
On the hunt for the perfect color palette and looking for a tool that lets you combine colors intuitively? Then check out these color palette services. Have fun experimenting!


EU-US Data Transfer without Privacy Shield: Sample, Advice & Checklist
You are still not quite clear how to check EU-US data transfers and standard contractual clauses after the Privacy Shield has ceased to apply and how to assess remaining risks? Dr. Thomas Schwenke summarizes the most important protective measures.

The 5 best courses & resources for web designers
If you want to grow as a web designer and also as a freelancer and entrepreneur, education is key. Improve your level of design, management and communication with these free online courses.

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As Content Manager, Annie keeps you up to date with the most important WordPress news. And as a UX designer, she ensures better usability and user experience, especially in the areas of visual design and copywriting. Together with Frauke she promotes equality and diversity at RAIDBOXES. Annie likes being outdoors, has a weakness for dark chocolate and would like to have a green thumb.

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