WP-News: WordPress Accessibility, Remote Work & the Dark Mode for WP 5.6

Annie Sprengelmeyer Last updated 21.12.2020
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Last updated 21.12.2020

After the spectacular weekend we brought you the latest WP news: Now that WordPress 5.6 is in the starting blocks, there is hardly any other topic left. The second beta is already available for testing and the community is talking about the Dark Mode in the new standardTheme. In our magazine we give tips for virtual teams and more web accessibility and explain how to manage your WP cron jobs. 🌈

WP News cloud of facts

- This much percent all online activities start with a search engine.

WordPress -Accessibility

WordPress Accessibility: How to create accessible websites

If you ignore accessibility, you are already excluding 20 percent of the world's population from using your website. But how should an accessible website be designed? Maddy Osman explains how to make your WP site accessible to everyone and which WordPress Accessibility Plugins will help you do this. Learn more

Remote Work Tissler

Virtual companies: Rules for your team

Is Remote Work now the chance for productive work? And what is really important as a distributed enterprise? Jan Tissler gives tips on how your team can successfully do without a permanent office.

WP-News: WordPress  Accessibility, Remote Work & the Dark Mode for WP 5.6

Webhoster 2020: THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!

In the election for the webhoster of the year 2020 we made it to place 2! This is the fifth time we have been on the podium in the CMS hosting category. A thousand thanks to everyone who voted for us!

WordPress cron jobs

How to manage your WordPress cron jobs

Scheduling the publication of articles, creating backups - these are typical scheduled tasks in WordPress . And this is where WP-Cron comes into play. Our developer Marten will explain to you exactly what this means.


WordPress 5.6 Beta 2 available for testing
Since 27 October 2020, the new WP version has been in its second beta phase. Until the release in about 5 weeks there is still enough Time for extensive testingso that as many errors and incompatibilities as possible are detected and corrected.

Does Twenty Twenty-One need a Dark Mode?
With WordPress 5.6 the new standardTheme Twenty Twenty-One is released. Only recently, the contributor team considered supporting a dark mode - and so a exciting discussion with the WP community inflamed.

Online Marketing

Social Media Trends for 2021 & more than 50 practical tips
Talkwalker has compiled a detailed report that will help you prepare for the coming year and drive your social media strategy forward - even in uncertain times. In addition there are successful campaign examples for your business.

Webdesign & Development

Do you really still generate leads with pop-ups?
Ethan Zuckerman, inventor of the website pop-up, has since apologized for introducing them to us. Just why are pop-up windows so unpopular even with Google? And which ad formats are the better alternatives? You can find out all this and more this article.

The truth about functional minimalism in web design
"Less is more" - the less clutter and confusion there is on a site , the easier it is to navigate. The team of Webdesignerdepot explains how the principle of minimalism can help you, to make it more functional.


Mozilla launches new online magazine for sustainability
The first issue of Branch contains visions for a sustainable Internet and practical efforts to get us there - including exciting Essays, presentations, artwork and interviews. Enjoy reading!

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