WP-News: WordPress 5.6, PHP 8 & Collaboration in 2021

This Monday morning we start the week with fresh WordPress news: The major updates WordPress 5.6 and PHP 8 are almost here, thousands of freelancers summarise the challenges of the creative industry and how collaboration will be better in 2021. In our magazine, we give an insight into our experiences with Mental Health and have some valuable tips for successful websites. Enjoy! ?

Web Design Best Practices

Web Design Best Practices, Tips & Guidelines You Should Know About

Web design is much more than aesthetics. At least as important are: a good UX, accessibility and SEO. But what do we define as established standards and best practices in web design? Sonja Hoffmann shows you the best methods for successful websites and satisfied users! Learn more


PHP 8 - New features and potential problems

PHP 8 is here! In which case does the new version improve the performance of your website? And should you update your WordPress to PHP 8 now? This and more is explained by our developer Marten.

WordPress -5.6

New in WordPress 5.6: What awaits you?

WordPress 5.6 is the third and last major update in 2020. But what does the new version offer besides Twenty Twenty-One and Dark Mode? Christina Widner summarizes the most important innovations.

Mental health

About Mental Health and Giraffe Language

More and more companies are promoting the mental and physical health of their employees. We provide insight into how several teams ensure greater satisfaction at Raidboxes - and why this is so important to us.


Half of all websites could be based on WordPress by 2025
"The forecasts for the CMS know only one direction: up. Proprietary systems like Squarespace are losing market share" - according to t3n magazine. And according to statistics, WordPress is not only the market leader, but is also experiencing the fastest growth!

Online Marketing

7 SEO tips for new websites (with checklist)
When it comes to launching a new website, you should definitely focus on SEO. With this checklist, the SEMrush team gives you the most important tricks and strategies for strong rankings and better conversions.

Web design & development

Design Without Borders: Revolution of the Freelancer:in.
This year, over 11,000 freelance creatives from 147 countries shared their insights and outlook on the industry. The results are as surprising as 2020 itself - check out 99Designs ' full report!  

More efficiency, better collaboration and successful design processes
Let's face it: collaborative work has the potential to drive us absolutely crazy. So here are the best tricks to help your team find the right balance between creativity and efficient collaboration - remote or in the office.


Local online marketing against the crisis #supportyourlocals
In these turbulent times, we at Raidboxes support strong portals that digitally connect local businesses. One example of this is the Rheinkreishelden. We spoke to the initiator Alexander Rottels about the successful project.

Why you need to spend money to make money
Because WordPress itself is free, it's so easy to get caught up in this habit: saving money. If it weren't for the 7 pitfalls of not spending money on your website. CodeinWP reveals what you should be investing to grow your business.

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