WP-News: WordPress Full Site Editing & the new Raidboxes Partner Program

WordPress is moving at a brisk pace this year: The development of version 5.7 has already started, Gutenberg 9.7 is here and the topic of full site editing is on everyone's lips. In the magazine, we introduce you to our new Partner Programfor WordPress agencies and explain why there are no limits to your creativity with custom post types and cool web fonts. Have fun and, even if it's late, Happy New Year! ?

Partner Program-Raidboxes

The New Raidboxes Partner Program for WordPress Agencies

Raidboxes helps you as an agency or freelancer to expand your network and increase your reach. Do you run websites yourself? Then we will show you what added value the Raidboxes partner network offers for your WordPress projects and why a partnership is worthwhile for you! Learn more

Web Fonts

Web Fonts: How to find the right font for you

With the right typeface, you can make your website stand out visually and your web content is more likely to be read. Designer Sonja Hoffmann gives you the best tips for good typography on the web.


Use Custom Post Types in WordPress

Thanks to suitable tools, you can easily create your own custom post types. But what are they? And how do you expand your website with them? Phillip Roth shows you exciting use cases and examples.

Google Basics2

In the twinkling of an eye to the Google Ads campaign

You want to promote your product or service with Google Ads, but don't know how to get started? Sven Scheuerle explains step by step how to set up your first campaign GDPR compliant.


WordPress 5.7 - Where does the further development go?
In 2021 we can expect not three, but four (!) major releases. With WordPress 5.7, the first release is scheduled for March 9, 2021. And none other than Matt Mullenweg is leading the development team. All details can be found on WordPress .org!

Full Site Editing: What will change in 2021?
The next major phase of the Gutenberg project brings the ability to edit the entire site with it - including the Themes. What is Full Site Ed iting (FSE) and what does it mean for the future of WordPress ? WP Tavern has the answer.

Gutenberg 9.7 - What's new?
Gutenberg 9.7 was released on January 6, 2021. The new version comes with improvements in terms of user experience, updates to reusable blocks and brings page templates for FSE Themes. Definitely a good start to the new year!  


Multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Orbit Fox Plugin
Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in ThemeIsle's popular WordPress Plugin Orbit Fox, which could lead to a full website takeover. You're using Plugin ? Don't panic: The team at Wordfence explains how to protect your website.

Online Marketing

Google confirms introduction of subtopics ranking
Google understands subtopics related to a search term. The so-called Subtopics Ranking feature has been live since mid-November, as the company recently confirmed. What the feature means for your SEO, you can find out here.

Web Design & Development

How many WordPress Plugins are too many Plugins?
There is a persistent rumour that WordPress can only be operated with a certain maximum number of Plugins before the stability, speed or security of a website is affected. Simon Kraft reveals the secret.

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