WP-News: WordPress Roadmap & Web Design and SEO trends for 2021

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And we're off into a new, albeit short, month: the WordPress community shares their annual goals for 2021, W3C drafts new web standards for accessibility and what's going on with our global internet health. In our magazine, we take a closer look at the latest SEO and web design trends and have the best social media tips for you and your business. Have fun reading! 📒

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- So many agencies want to focus marketing intelligence much more in the future.

SEO trends in 2021

SEO Trends 2021: Core Web Vitals, UX, Voice Search & More

Good rankings will continue to be the result of hard work in 2021: What will change this year in terms of search engine optimization (SEO)? Leon Grage tells you which trends will accompany us, which ranking factors are important and how you can prepare yourself. Learn more


Web Design Trends in 2021

Interactive effects and new dimensions set the tone this year. Sonja Hoffmann shows us the most important web design trends for 2021: what's in, what's out and what's staying. Get some inspiration now!


Social Media Marketing for Business

Don't have the resources to be present on all social media platforms? Then you need to prioritize. Jan Tissler helps you decide: Where is your effort really worthwhile? And what is possible at all?


Gender Sensitive Language: Why is it Important?

The debate about gendering is hotly debated: Some find gender-appropriate language superfluous, others extremely important. We discuss with: Does our language create realities or is gendering just ideology?


WordPress Big Picture Goals for 2021
WordPress publishes the updated roadmap for 2021: What are the big annual goals, when do we want to achieve them and which team is behind them? Check out the official post for all the updates on Full Site Editing and Learn WordPress !


40 tips for more WordPress security
What do professionals say about the security of WordPress websites? What's the worst security problem they've had to solve for clients? The team at WPMU DEV asked and brought you 40 great security tips from the horse's mouth!

Online Marketing

Hype around Clubhouse: "Does anyone still have an invite?"
Between exclusivity, irrelevance and data protection trap - downside or not, the audio app Clubhouse hits the zeitgeist. What potential does the new social network have and will it succeed in the long term? Hubspot takes a look behind the facade.

Webdesign & Development

First Draft of WCAG 3.0 Accessibility Guidelines
A full 13 years after version 2, the WCAG working group publishes a draft with new guidelines for the design of accessible websites. These are intended to be easier to understand and more flexible. Check out the official blog post for more information.


The health of the web affects us all
What can be done to make the Internet healthier? That's the big question Mozilla tackled in the Internet Health Report 2020. The status report comes to both exciting and frightening conclusions!

Home office: New rights and obligations
As of January 27, 2021, new regulations apply to working from home. In the current podcast episode of Rechtsbelehrung everything revolves around the legal aspects of the home office: What changes for you in terms of costs, data protection and taxes.

As Content Manager, Annie keeps you up to date with the most important WordPress news. And as a UX designer, she ensures better usability and user experience, especially in the areas of visual design and copywriting. Together with Frauke she promotes equality and diversity at RAIDBOXES. Annie likes being outdoors, has a weakness for dark chocolate and would like to have a green thumb.

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