WordPress  News: User Onboarding & Two-Factor Authentication

WP-News: User Onboarding & Two-Factor Authentication

Here's what's new in the WordPress universe: WordPress introduces the new WP Briefing podcast, CSS custom properties are implemented with WordPress 5.7 and a comparison of the best contact form plugins. In the magazine, we introduce you to Scrum Retros, explain how to create your own Gutenberg blocks and present our latest security feature: two-factor authentication. ?

2FA WordPress and Raidboxes

What is two-factor authentication & how can you use it at Raidboxes?

You can now secure your Raidboxes account with two-factor authentication (2FA). In this article we explain why 2FA is so effective as a security measure for WordPress, your login to RB-Dashboard or other of your accesses and how 2FA actually works. Learn more

What is organic marketing

Organic marketing for agencies

Winning new customers is hard. But often it is the least used methods that conceal the greatest opportunities. Alexander Heeg knows the door openers for more success in acquisition.

Scrum Retro for Agencies & Companies

Scrum Retros: More efficiency & satisfaction

What goes well in the team? And what is not? What steps can be derived from this? Retrospectives are a perfect way to bring motivation and momentum into the project. We list the dos and don'ts!

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial for Developers

WordPress Gutenberg : How to create your own blocks

Gutenberg opens up exciting new possibilities for you as a developer. In this tutorial you will learn everything you need to know about the block editor - especially how to create your own blocks and customize existing blocks.


Ears pricked up: WordPress launches WP Briefing podcast
The first episode of the new WP Briefing podcast with Josepha Haden lasts a crisp 12 minutes. The host herself describes the new bi-weekly format as "Bite-sized insights into what makes it all work". Give it a listen - it's very interesting.

CSS Custom Properties in the WordPress admin
One of the highlights that awaits us in WordPress 5.7: CSS Custom Properties. That is, WordPress implements a new system that makes it easier for you to add custom color palettes. For more details, check out the official blog post.


Security vulnerability in NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin
Two cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities have been discovered in the NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin - one critical and one high-risk. The Plugin is installed on 800,000 WordPress websites. Learn how to protect yourself!

Online Marketing

WordPress SEO: Optimising texts for search engines?
If you want to achieve good rankings with WordPress, you should try to write SEO-optimised texts. Search engine optimization alone won't get you first place on Google - find out what really matters and how WordPress SEO can help you!

The best contact form Plugins for WordPress
With a contact form you offer your customers an easy way to get in touch with you. But the Plugins can often do much more. Christina Widner tests the five most popular contact forms Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.


Successful User Onboarding - How it works
Good user onboarding is just as important today as well-designed user interfaces: the more users feel understood, the more likely they are to become true fans. Tarik Yayla explains how you can quickly create a sense of achievement.

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