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WP-News: WordPress costs & SEO for your online shop

WordPress 5.7 "Esperanza" is out, the community wants to say goodbye to Internet Explorer and Google is also parting with nothing less than cookies in the future. In our magazine we check how much a WordPress website really costs, present the best SEO tips for your online store and explain how your change to an agile agency succeeds! ?

WordPress -costs

WordPress costs: Guide to hosting plans, domains, themes & plugins

WordPress is basically free of charge. But at the latest when you use your website for your business, the budget becomes a decisive factor. What does WordPress really cost? Maddy Osman explains what costs are involved in running a WordPress website - from hosting rates to domains to Themes & Plugins! Learn more


Onlineshop SEO 2021: The 13 best tips

Is your online shop optimized for search engines? Florian Beqiri reveals 13 adjusting screws and SEO tips with which you can increase the number of visitors to your shop cost-effectively and sustainably.

Making your agency an agile organization

Agile transformation for your agency

Agile agencies can adapt quickly and flexibly to new things. Nevertheless, every change process raises questions. Oliver Wüntsch explains what these are and what is necessary for an agile transformation of your agency.

New in WordPress  5.7

New in WordPress 5.7: HTTPS, Lazy Load & more

WordPress 5.7 is here! What changes for you? And what should you be prepared for? Our overview of the most important changes, including Gutenberg, HTTPS conversion, lazy load for iFrames and block updates.


WordPress to end Internet Explorer 11 support
WordPress is considering ending support for Internet Explorer 11. The main reason: usage of the browser is currently dropping well below 1 percent. For more details on the discussion, check out the official blog post at WordPress .org.

Online Marketing

Why Google is doing away with cookie tracking
Google wants to put an end to data collection on the web. The search giant wants to do without tracking of users in advertising in the future. In addition, there should be no alternative to cookies. Google's decision, however, is sharply criticized.

How to find relevant keywords everywhere
Good keywords are the basis for good rankings. Neil Patel explains how you can find keywords everywhere - not just any keywords, but keywords with high relevance and low competition that you can rank for.

Web design & development

The truth about freelancing: the 6 most common myths debunked
What is freelancing really about and is it for you? To find out, freelance designer and author Cameron Chapman debunks the six most common myths surrounding freelancing.

Why inclusive content modeling is important
We've all heard how important content is. However, your content strategy should also be designed for inclusion. Learn how to create content without barriers in this article.

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