WP-News: XSS in Elementor & the best WordPress Themes

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Here's what's new in the WordPress universe: a critical vulnerability in Elementor puts 7 million websites at risk, work on Twenty Twenty-Two should already be underway, and these apps show the least respect for our privacy. In the magazine we introduce you to the best free WordPress Themes and give tips for images SEO & agile approaches to change management. Happy reading! 🎡

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- That's the percentage of Google searches in 2020 that ended in No Click.

Free WordPress  Themes

The 15 best free WordPress Themes 2021

Even though quality content is the most important factor for the success of your WordPress website, you should not forget about the design. In this review, we'll show you the 15 best free WordPress Themes for Gutenberg in 2021 that will help you update your website visually & technically. Learn more

WordPress  image SEO optimisation

Image SEO in WordPress: How to Optimize your Images for Search Engines

At least since the Google Core Web Vitals you should take the topic of image SEO seriously. There are several ways to optimize your images in WordPress . We list the most important tips and tools.

agile change management

Change Management meets Agile

The good news is: Agile change management offers opportunities for your agency. The bad news is that it requires the right approach. Oliver Wüntsch shows you the concept of operational learning and experimentation spaces.

social media comparison

The best social media platforms in comparison

LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook or YouTube? Jan Tissler gives you facts, figures and tools to help you decide which social media platform is right for you. After all, your resources are limited.


Twenty Twenty-Two: The second best project launch is today?!
High quality Themes, intended for wide release, are not created overnight. So how many months does it take to code and test a standard Theme for WordPress ? The team at WordPress Tavern getsto the heart of the discussion.


XSS vulnerability in Elementor affects 7+ million websites
A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability exists in the popular WordPress Plugin Elementor . XSS attacks are particularly frequent! You use the Plugin? The pros from Wordfence show you how to protect yourself against hijacking your website.

Privacy: These apps share your personal data
Instagram shares nearly 80 percent of its data with third parties. But there are also safer apps that keep your data safe. pCloud 's analysis reveals what information popular apps collect about you, store, and then share for their own benefit.

Online Marketing

How to create a content aggregator website
Finding and posting new content to your site doesn't have to be a hassle. WP Mayor 's colleagues explain how to automatically gather content from a variety of blogs and websites across the web - all with a single site .

Webdesign & Development

13 Quotes About UX Design & What You Can Learn From Them
Of course, quotes alone don't always explain how we can really apply these lessons on the job. But these 13 UX quotes are a great start. On that note, "A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good."

Guide to HTTP status codes - no jargon, I promise!
As with all programming languages, HTTP has quite a few status codes and error codes. You've probably seen 404 errors and the like, but what are the other types of codes and what do they mean?

As Content Manager, Annie keeps you up to date with the most important WordPress news. And as a UX designer, she ensures better usability and user experience, especially in the areas of visual design and copywriting. Together with Frauke she promotes equality and diversity at RAIDBOXES. Annie likes being outdoors, has a weakness for dark chocolate and would like to have a green thumb.

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